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  1. Made it back in one piece 1/2 hour ago. Good trip across the province with Gary and Randy... now to rest. Pics to follow tomorrow. Fantastic event, kudos to Mike for doing a great job, have to hand it to you and can't wait for the next one. Best of all was getting to meet up with a great group of people again. Cheers, Ian
  2. Off work in a little under an hour, headed home to pick up the bags then on to Nanaimo and ferry to North Van. Hopefully I'll be catching the 5:20 ferry so arriving at Mike's in Squamish around 8:30 or so. We're taking the Duffy lake road tomorrow morning , Lilloet, Kamloops, then turning right at Monte creek down to Vernon and Fauquier. Looking forward to seeing folks, almost time to play the "match the face to the name to the username" game. I hope to do better this year. See you soon.
  3. It's raining today in Kaslo but it's been nice the last few days. Yesterday we put up the tennis nets and got out for a hit. That was good since I missed the last month of hockey due to a sprained knee. Pruned 4 apple tree- more to do still.I haven't insured the bike yet but there are a few riders out there. I saw a Ducati Multistrada rider in town the other day but it's hard to look cool riding through downtown with your blinker on. And then I heard a pack of 3 sport bike riders take off on the highway just below my house. BTW there's a local controversy about loud motorcycles with a petition circulating to have the RCMP enforce existing noise laws. Which won't be a problem with the Hootenanny because we're all riding on quiet, stock mufflers, right? Still can't believe how few gendarmes we saw on the last hootenanny, (with one exception) how has it been for them in the last couple of years?Sent from my XT1058 using Tapatalk
  4. BCmcrider


    That is indeed a wonderful feeling, being at that sign and knowing what's ahead. Over all too quickly and then there's that sudden rush when you see the fake state trooper stationed on the right about an hour and a half later.
  5. Great day and great looking car, now we're trying to figure out what year it is?
  6. BCmcrider

    What else, my VFR

  7. " I put a volt meter on the battery while it was running and it was reading 12.14, which means its not charging… great… So I said screw it and hit the road anyway around 2:30pm. I went through Beartooth pass and Chief Joseph’s pass" You've got some cahones! Glad the specter departed on it's own. Great trip.
  8. BCmcrider

    Some additions

    Grip heaters, clutch switch repair.
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