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  1. You can get this bracket from Delkevic shown below that works with a high mount (right side). This is what I run. I did some disk grinder work on my left passenger assembly to get rid of the foot peg mount but retained full functionality of helmet lock and seat release.
  2. Great looking 5th Gen. Looks a lot like mine. I want that seat.
  3. indianagenius


    Great photo of the best VFR generation.
  4. indianagenius

    Old Pacific Hwy

    I think the 5th Gen looks better without the VFR decals. I got rid of mine also.
  5. indianagenius

    GEN 8

    That is gorgeous. Can you tell us what that is?
  6. indianagenius

    IMG 21292

    This is cool. I miss my Gen 4.
  7. indianagenius


    This is set-up almost exactly like my '99. High mount pipe, pillion pegs deduct, rear fender bob, DB windscreen. Only thing different is I removed the VFR decals on the panels. Yes, very good photography here.
  8. That is gorgeous. I had two Gen 4's. Unfortunately, I destroyed both of them. I am still in one piece, however.
  9. I love the look of the 2014 and absence of decals. These are some great shots.
  10. This road and the surrounding scenery are awesome. You have to be so careful not to get wrapped-up in the scenery and not pay enough attention to the road. This is definitely a place everyone should visit and do some hiking also.
  11. indianagenius


    Love the no-sticker look. Very clean.
  12. indianagenius


    Your technique really isn't that bad. Your are not leaning the wrong way or anything. Looks like a decent sport-touring position, but not sport. So, your body position looks proper given the bike.
  13. Need some background on the bike in its unique configuration.
  14. I really like the styling. I have to imagine it without the rear fender tail. That would go away in about 5 minutes.
  15. indianagenius

    IMG 0140

    That kickstand looks custom. I'm not quite sure about that mod. Looks potentially unsafe. Seriously, a great looking 3rd Gen.
  16. indianagenius

    Sparks flying

    Good form and about as much lean angle as I'd be comfortable with on public roads.
  17. indianagenius


    5th Gen with high exhaust, blue paint, and no decals. Very nice.
  18. indianagenius


    Wow, I'm jealous. All 3 are very, very nice. I miss my Gen 4.
  19. Glad to see another VFR owner that likes a clean look san stickers. Great photo but the one with the old house may be better. It shows the bike from a side view, which I like.
  20. Makes me miss my Gen 4's. Well preserved machine.
  21. indianagenius


    Great photo. Bike body panels are perfect.
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