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  1. I'll jump on the bandwagon. This bike has EXCELLENT brakes & if yours doesn't something isn't right
  2. I'm not familiar with it; what exactly does it do & how easy is it to fit?
  3. Krylon Cherry Red is pretty close. that was six coats
  4. You shouldn't have continuity between the three legs & ground so that is correct
  5. I've been through a couple of sets of PR4s & they are just outstanding. A felllow VFR buddy has a 6th gen--he uses angel GT's and he swears by them also. Neither tire will disappoint you.
  6. I have the same issue with a cheap clutch handle I installed. Thinking about epoxying a small piece of metal on it....
  7. Lots of folks use EBC pads on their VFRs....sure you ordered the right ones?
  8. Weird fix. I soldered an additional 10" pigtail onto the powerlet harness ground & grounded it directly to the frame at a better point. Now have 13.2 volts at the powerlet plug & 14.2 at the battery at charge. That's down .2 from before but at this point I'm glad to take it. Been stressing hard the past couple of days~
  9. Yeah, I've spent the last day checking & cleaning all connections. Battery I have in reserve was the one I replaced...it wasn't charging well when I put a new R/R on last month. Replaced it with this Lithium Ion battery & it's charged like a champ since. I will reiterate again IT WAS WORKING FINE UNTIL I INSTALLED THE VFRNESS. Now I can't get the 14.4 charge back even though I've gone back to the OEM harness. Battery is new & has the same standing rate & rate under load that it had when I installed it.
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