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  1. There's that awkward moment when you realize your wife is standing behind you on your computer.............and then she says WOW! looks like someone lost a glove. Gotta love her sense of humor!
  2. 20 is my absolute favorite road outside of Colorado. I've ridden it from the east end near Omak all the way to Fidalgo on the west end and then south over Deception Pass to the Keystone - Port Townsend ferry ride across the water. What an amazing strip of asphalt! My only complaint was a not-so-friendly wasp on my neck just rolling into Twisp.
  3. The mailman


    Not too sure about the rack but those wheels are the bomb with that black paint. Nice job.
  4. The mailman

    IMG 1004

    Almost like the "Tree of Shame" at the Dragon!
  5. DriverDave, I had done both peaks before but decided to try both in a day. I was lucky with traffic and weather but should have rolled out of Littleton a little earlier to allow for more stops throughout the day. Nice bike too!
  6. Wohooo! Back on top of VFRD and the world. I just washed her for the first time this year in prep for riding to work tomorrow. Finally a break in the winter weather!
  7. The mailman

    83 VF750

    I learned to ride on a friend's red '83 and bought a blue '85 two years later. Man that thing is beautiful. Unfortunately, mine came to a bitter end when my neighbor totaled it after running wide in a sweeper at high speed. It came over so hard that it crushed to rear sub frame down onto the rear wheel. He showed up at my door with a fist full of cash the day he was released from the hospital. A+ neighbor.
  8. The mailman

    The Fog

    Another vote for riding those types of roads in the fog. Always a surreal experience!
  9. Being a bit of a design geek - or geek in general - I've never seen a bridge like that. Looks beautiful and incredibly strong engineering wise. I'm also consistently amazed that other people with bikes JUST like the one out in my garage get to see so many cool things worldwide. Nice pic.
  10. The mailman

    VFR 005

    I'm not big on extra stickers but otherwise love the bike. One of the things I like about my 6th gen is zero stickers except for the Honda logo on the tank which is usually hidden by my tank bag. NOBODY knows what kind of bike it is. Yours looks fast just sitting still. A+ on the rear wheel and pipe.
  11. I've learned to keep a 2 gallon can in one of my saddle bags (on long rides). If I don't need it, I always run across someone who does.
  12. Taking a wild stab in the dark.... Squaw Pass?
  13. The mailman

    The Road

    Can I say that I actually LIKE riding in the rain?. ....Maybe it's the mailman in me..... First nomination for 2016 calendar pic!
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