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  1. If mr Ohm isn’t lying, I’d need a 96W resistor on each coil? Assuming that coils get 12v. That’s a lot of resistor... Will rewire the thing to relocate the fuse box and the headlight relay(s) under the seat, get it running, relocate the stock coils under the tank, get it running again, and than will get back to cops. They are mighty sexy things.
  2. I’ll give a resistor a try. Will report back.
  3. JZH, did you ever get it running on COPs? I got some 2016 CBR COPS from ebay with a harness for my 3rd gen build. At $35, i figured I'd give it a chance. So, the resistance of the OEM coils is 3ohm and the COPS are 1.5 ohm. I wonder if adding a 1.5 ohm resistor will do the trick? There was also a discussion of the old coils having a capacitor built in and the COPs not? Can a capacitor be spliced in as well?
  4. Looked like fun times. A bunch of delinquents frim from the May ride I see. Good game.
  5. Rice

    Loaded up and truckin'

    Nice pic. The bike looks like a catdog. I'd want to see some detailed pics on how you married up the two bikes 😂
  6. looks good. Have more pictures of the whole bike? Also, how did you do it?
  7. Wanted to say ride it into the ground and swap the engine, but the only one I see on ebay is $2k. I would do the following: Do a leak-down and pressure test Pop the valve covers and inspect for obvious signs of ware on the cam lobes If no issues, ride it into the ground :)
  8. I put on a set of Bridgestone T30 Evos during the 2nd day of the NC trip and WOW. I don't say that often. Just Wow. Never had so much confidence during hard riding. Anything I could through at them was absorbed without complaints in perfectly predictable manner. I cannot speak to the longevity, but they held up very well to 3 days of hard riding and look like they can carry me through another NC trip with ease. Previous B-stone S21s melted away in 2-3 fun days on me.
  9. I too have never had "security" issues. Motorcycle people are mostly normal in my experience. To me, one of the most important indicators of the condition of the bike is the owner. I spend good amount of time just having a conversation with the dude (sorry ladies - it's mostly dudes selling bikes out there) and get a feel of the knowledge and the type of person the seller is. If I like him, chances are, that I will also like the bike and I will not beat him up for the money. Too much :).
  10. If you do not plan on using the tools again, go to a local shop and pay them to press the bearings. It will be simpler and probably cheaper than dealing with buying and then owning large tools, which you will probably not need again. If you do decide to buy the press, do not worry about it being made in China. It isn't good enough for a professional daily use, but for home mechanic, they are perfect - Cheap and get the job done. Especially simple tools, like a press. I own "that" and have been happily using it for a while now.
  11. Cylinders can be checked using compression tool. Even on the bench. Just make sure to hold the engine down lest it tries to jump around. Gear box is bulletproof and chances that it is missing teeth are slim to none. I wouldn't bother. What you can do, is remove the oil pan and look for bits in it. If there are none, then your gears are OK. Axle - As Dutchy said: One large bolt on the end and some pinch bolts are all that's holding it. Yours just needs a little persuasion.
  12. Is that different from manual gearbox oil? I have some in my garage. Yes. Different. I don't pretend to be the expert on this, but from what I understand is, manual transmission uses Oil, while Automatic uses Fluid, which is Oil + other stuff. See, I toldya I was no expert
  13. I'd put 1-2 oz in each cylinder. Let it sit there for a few hours and then turn clockwise until the motor starts turning freely and w/o grinding. Do not replace the plugs. . Then, you can use the starter to turn it faster and spit out the oil through the plug holes.
  14. What Seb said. If you have water in cylinders and crank with the starter, that will be the end of the motor. If there is no water, you most probably have some rust. You want to soak that with oil before cranking.
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