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  1. JZH, this is exactly the type of answer i was looking for when I posted, thanks. After seeing the Marc Parnes item though, I don't think I can settle for PVC. It looks nice, plus easy to use and store. Just put on wheel, then hang between jack stands, cinder blocks or whatever. Now Duc2V4 has me considering a tire changer for the beer and forced socialization haha. Might do me good. Plus it would save me from feeling like i had wrestled a bear for three hours!! But, the package he bought for $650 is now about $1000 shipped. Decisions,decisions. I've got a long off season coming up to think about it.
  2. Thank you both for taking time to reply. I had looked at the No-Mar option (balance stand plus large cones for $300 or more) and couldn't pull the trigger. I had also poked around Marc Parnes site somehow missing the option specific to my VFR. That's probably what I'll wind up with. Thanks again, and thanks for NOT suggesting balance beads. Cheers!
  3. I recently replaced my original tires, had no problem static balancing the front tire/wheel.Now I’m looking for a way to balance my rear wheel. I’ve seen cone shaped adapters for balancing single sided swing arm wheels, but they are pricey. Wondering if anyone has come up with a DIY solution for this.
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