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  1. thnk you. i knew this bike has some potential. back in 2012 i have used it on a drag competition in my town. i get it to the fianal , lost some parts on the way, blinkers, bolts,😆 this is the a video from back then. the other guy is a pilot with a zx6r 2011 race bike. he only overpased me in the last 30 meters. http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=68010
  2. the paint, and headlight mounted. bracket made from rc36/2 rear shock linkage.
  3. thank you about the swing arm. i cleaned, bearing replaced, painted with raptor bed liner from u-pol, rear hub polished, ordered all brake hoses in red, polished the nuts
  4. the thing is i like polished aluminium. so this bike will have polished aluminium. the aluminium from rc36 i consider is top quality. i have polished the frame of my 2'nd gen and it stayed like new for years. ocasional maintainance with Autosol for aluminium. i have send the wheels to be vibro polished. this is after chemicaly cleaned. this is after 72 hours in the polishing machine and started working at the frame to
  5. This is the bike bought for scrap. this is wath i have started from The idea came to me after a friend of mine modified a vfr with a aprilia rs125 tail frame this one i have starte to buy some parts aprilia rs 125 rear frame mt 01 aftermarket headlight red aluminium handelbar damaged cagiva raptor front fender to be continued
  6. Hy guys! my name is Sorin and i am from romania. first off all sorry for my bad english. i started this topic to share my vfr experience. i have ouned untill now 3 vfr's rc 36. 2 of them including the one i will show you where 1'st gen and one second gen wi tch i was very upset when i had to sell it. this was my second gen vfr that i owned. anyway...befor having this bike arround 2011 i have ouned a first gen vfr. back then i have found another one for scrap (this is the one i have started the topic for). the bike i have bought with 400 euro from a girl in bucharest. it was in bad shape. actualy dezastrus shape. but i have bought it for parts just in case something broke at my 1'st gen. of course nothing broke at my 1'st gen and the bike i have bought was moved from place to place mainly outside because i did not have room for it. it was driven few times by some friends of mine, ma of 500 km. it was a junck. after i have bought the second gen, then a z1000 (the orange one in the pic). the scrap bike continued to be rained, moved from place to place, until it got close to my garage entrance. few months have passed and one day i could not bare to see it like that any more (december 2018). in the next post i will show you the pictures with the bike when i have bought it and how is turning out for it now
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