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  1. ^ I had one of those. Luckily enough I got my bike serviced just as it began to leak. And thanks to this site and its posting of a recall from K & N I got a free filter as the mechanic and Australian K & N rep. knew nothing of the recall.
  2. I like the sound of that, that will match up nicely with my link pipe and wheel😃
  3. If you have the black radiators check for blockages and flush thoroughly as they are painted on the inside and the paint flakes off.
  4. Have done, hey I'm happy for you to pay my shipping fees. Keep the mailing address as is. 😆
  5. 😍Oooh that box and those curves, you're such a tease Never mind i can wait😆
  6. The cross member on the c stand is slightly narrow than the upright, if that helps any , and cant remember which, 5g or 6g, it is possible to cut some (1/2"-3/4"? Ymmv) off the end of the collector. NFI on 8g c stand fitment
  7. Test ride a new Aprilia rsv or tuona and/or ducati v4 and then test ride the vfr to see if you really want another 800cc.. Hopefully that's a helping NOOOOO 😆
  8. Big H has perfected the CBR but then made the new 1 quite pricey US$$$$$30K/AU$50K, then neutered it for the American market 214hp⬇180ish hp , then don't even bring out the base model (RRRRR-R SP only) etc. And that's if you can get 1, approx 50 for US market SMH
  9. That's great news sfdownhill, thanks for the update . Just some info for others that may come along later on , will Wade make one offs or will he be sticking with batch orders in the future? Looking forward to them coming in Cheers mate
  10. There is still some performance headers remaining for the 8g which will improve things. If you are interested pm sfdownhill or head over here https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/88463-new-5th6th8th-gen-performance-header-now-in-production-in-usa/&do=findComment&comment=1103662
  11. While "unleashing the factory power" don't forget to replace the flapper with another snorkel. Hahaha
  12. Sorry, yeah just a wee nip last night
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