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  1. Loving the gold wheels with the red. Makes me reconsider powdercoating my 8 spoker black sometimes!
  2. Indiana doesn't have much in the way of twisties, but even down south you should be able to get more than 4k miles out of them if you keep the pressures right. I cupped a front Angel GT on my '07 but I am heavy on the front brakes and its heavier than my 5th gens.
  3. Ah-May-Zing I got almost 10k out of my front. The rear had 7500 on it before I got a flat and replaced it. Looked like it could have gone a few thousand more. If you want mileage AND grip, go Angel GT. If you want grip, go Diablo Rosso 3.
  4. Highly recommended if you are de-linking and need to reposition your fender due to swapping out forks. MD makes some awesome stuff!
  5. This site continues to be one of the best "mods" you can every have for your VFR! Thank you VFRD!
  6. Hi deltaboxii, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. deltaboxii

    New Zealand

    Gorgeous bike, gorgeous backdrop. This picture just makes me even happier that I painted my 5th gen hybrid project silver, we never officially got that color here in the US.
  8. deltaboxii


    Golden era of sportbikes and racing. Agree that its one of the best liveries ever...Looked gorgeous in 1990...looks gorgeous in 2016, and will probably still look gorgeous in 2050!
  9. I know that you (and myself actually) have invested alot of time into this, but I am going to have to drop out at that price. I was hoping to be able to get two sets for the price that we are getting the single set for. Thanks for all of your effort on this Greg!
  10. deltaboxii


    Beautiful VFR, the pipes and wheel look great. I wonder how hard it would be to match the color of the 8th gen wheel for the stock front?
  11. Glad to see the 8th gens getting some love on here. The more I look at the bike the more I like it. The wheel is pure gorgeousness. Great photo. Makes me want to get an 8th gen now. thanks alot...
  12. Thanks Greg, send them over to Mike @ Mellow Dudes Garage. Hopefully his CNC guy is cheaper to work with!
  13. Mike aka Mellow Dude from the famous world class Mellow Dude's Garage has offered to talk to his CNC guy to see if he can produce these. Hell yeah, I'll take the drawings, a math model even better. I'll get a quote from my CNC guy..... Its up to you guys but I can say from Mike's PAIR plates, front fender mounts and reg/ rectifier relocation adapters he makes some very nice stuff for VFR owners.
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