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  1. deltaboxii

    Exhaust Slip on for 1999

    I think that is the most options for exhaust styles/ finishes that I have ever seen from one company for Honda VFRs. Just noticed that they have Superhawk, VTEC VFR and Hawk GT exhaust options also. Thanks for mentioning these guys adkfinn!
  2. deltaboxii

    RWB Helmet for my RWB Interceptor

    I always thought this was a pretty decent match with my RWB. The Kabuto Aeroblade was A Shoei quality helmet with an HJC price tag.
  3. deltaboxii

    Steve Rapp's 8th Gen Tribute to '85 VF1000R

    Custom paint on OEM bodywork, or DCB (dubious Chinese bodywork)? Looks good from here though. Anything in Rothmans livery is gorgeous.
  4. deltaboxii

    Steve Rapp's 8th Gen Tribute to '85 VF1000R

    Agreed! I pulled those off of Instagram and zoomed in. The quality sucks sorry guys! Hope I can find more...well maybe I don't... I don't need another replica build!
  5. Even with a 6th Gen RWB Anniversary model, this is so awesome and tempting! I knew there was a reason why I always liked AMA legend Steve Rapp! And If you are in the Monterey area near Laguna Seca be sure to check out Iconic Motorbikes. Tad Dimer the owner is a super cool guy and a massive enthusiast. Bring plenty of napkins... Currently they have two VFR 400s there to tempt your bank account balance.
  6. deltaboxii

    What octane fuel are u using on your VFR?

    Spend money saved in the difference in price from the 87 to 91 and get non ethanol fuel if possible. Running Non ethanol fuel provided the only advantage that I have ever seen in performance and fuel mileage on the VFRs, from my '00 to my '07.
  7. deltaboxii


    Good call. I have come close to getting one of those before. Always liked those and the Bandit 400. The Bandit wasn't as trick as the CB1 but was a sexy bike. Someday I am hoping to get a CBR 400 Baby Blade in the garage, which were a close relative of the CB1 (both had gear driven cams as well... :)
  8. deltaboxii


    Well thanks for all the SH talk guys. I just happened to see a very neglected '05 at a dealership with low miles that needed a home. Can't believe what I bought it for. Those bikes sure aren't respected like they should be. I always have liked them and enjoyed riding them. The graphite silver was a one year color which I thought was slick. The PO removed the Superhawk 996 sticker which is still available from Honda, but to be honest I almost like it better without it. It has a set of TBR carbon cans which sound incredible and it looks like the PO also installed an aftermarket front fender. Other than that it is pretty stock. And so it begins lol 12000 miles Needs tires- putting my Michelin Road 5s on here to try. Needs a new chain and sprocket Needs a new battery and might as well replace the reg/ rectifier while I am at it. Needs a carb clean and possibly re-jet the carbs Needs all the fluids changed so I might as well swap out the old rubber brake lines for SS while I am at it Jamie is just up the road from me and a SH suspension guru owning one himself so I might as well have him dial her in suspension wise. I am not digging the giant stock turn signals in the front and probably need a bit more turn signal in the rear for safety. Looking forward to getting this poor girl back on the road!
  9. deltaboxii


    It is actually not that bad. We have moved since the picture was taken so I am more out in the country now. The first exhaust that I had on there was so loud that I could not even stand to ride it. But with that Exil fitted the bike is not all that loud unless you are really accelerating hard or decelerating in a lower gear. It certainly does not sound like a little 700 anymore.
  10. deltaboxii


    Probably the most fun bike that I have to rip around town. We don't have many curves in Indianapolis, other than round abouts. Hawks could be the most fun per hp bikes ever. Some before and after pics. Slo1 I am jealous of that wheel- very HRC. nice looking and rare grey tempest.
  11. deltaboxii

    Tires again !!

    Correct. I asked the Pirelli USA rep that exact question years ago and he confirmed that the GT A spec would not help on a 5th or 6th gen for mileage. It would be better suited for the 1200, in much the same way that the Michelin designs their Road 4/ GT.
  12. deltaboxii

    Michelin Road 5

    Excellent ride review, way to put them through their paces. The Michelin US 2 wheel market manager that I was talking to said that these would actually be pretty good "wets" to use for track days, since they have some of the Power RS DNA in them as well.
  13. deltaboxii

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Thanks for the update Duc. I sent Ben a note asking why they were not part of the kit. They really should be, I was under the assumption that I was purchasing a complete radiator hose refurb kit. That doesn't seem to be the case now. I will need that hose for my '07 as well, although I am sure i can still get an OEM Honda. But for the price of these silicone hoses it should come with everything...
  14. deltaboxii

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Hi Erik, You will receive the exact hoses in the picture but if you're missing anything when you receive them just let let me know. Thanks Ben Knowing how things usually go for these projects, I am going to guess that the hoses that go to the wax unit are not in there, but if you see otherwise let me know. I don't want to get into this project and realize that AS3 did not give me all of the hoses.
  15. deltaboxii

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Just bought a blue silicone hose kit for my RWB '07 and a red kit for my '01 from AS3 performance. great to work with so far, eager to get them installed soon.

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