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  1. Michelin Road 5

    Excellent ride review, way to put them through their paces. The Michelin US 2 wheel market manager that I was talking to said that these would actually be pretty good "wets" to use for track days, since they have some of the Power RS DNA in them as well.
  2. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Thanks for the update Duc. I sent Ben a note asking why they were not part of the kit. They really should be, I was under the assumption that I was purchasing a complete radiator hose refurb kit. That doesn't seem to be the case now. I will need that hose for my '07 as well, although I am sure i can still get an OEM Honda. But for the price of these silicone hoses it should come with everything...
  3. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Hi Erik, You will receive the exact hoses in the picture but if you're missing anything when you receive them just let let me know. Thanks Ben Knowing how things usually go for these projects, I am going to guess that the hoses that go to the wax unit are not in there, but if you see otherwise let me know. I don't want to get into this project and realize that AS3 did not give me all of the hoses.
  4. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Just bought a blue silicone hose kit for my RWB '07 and a red kit for my '01 from AS3 performance. great to work with so far, eager to get them installed soon.
  5. Oh no - not another scenery stop in this forsaken place...

    Loving the gold wheels with the red. Makes me reconsider powdercoating my 8 spoker black sometimes!
  6. Michelin Road 5

    And What have you got to offer? Really man WTF
  7. 07 RWB Luggage Still Available & Where to Buy?

    Yep, there was. Also rare and if you can find one they can be stupid expensive. In the end I just painted a red one. Personally I like the aftermarket Givi top boxes better anyways for alot less money. The Blade series looks better and you can get the backrest pad, inner bag and integrated brake light options as well for a lot less money than an OEM case... which coincidentally was also made by Givi... go figure!
  8. Hello from the frigid Midwest

    I fit Honda ST1300 heated grips to my 6th gen. Not easy to find, found a couple pairs of them a few years back from the UK. Work well but very stiff.
  9. 07 RWB Luggage Still Available & Where to Buy?

    There was a dealer selling the side bags on ebay, they were not cheap by any means. I think they were almost $1000. I had a pair of red bags painted to match. They turned out pretty well. And then I stumbled on a guy selling some brand new ones cheap and bought a spare set. Just in case...
  10. Michelin Road 5

    I just sat through a Michelin training seminar on the new Road 5. Once the Road 5 GT and Trail are launched later in 2018/ early 2019, the Road 4 will be dropped from the lineup to keep the choices to Road 2, 3 and 5 and eliminate too much confusion. A "good/ better/ best" if you will covering all riders and price points. The word PILOT was also dropped in favor of just ROAD to cut down on confusion. The Power 3 has also been dropped from the sport lineup, which will now be Power, Power 2CT and Power RS. Another "good / better/ best" again covering all riding types/ demands and price points. Here are my notes on the Road 5 from the Michelin NA Mcy division head honchos: TRAIL 4 WILL BE MID ‘18/ ROAD 5 GT WILL BE 2019 DO NOT SWAP TO A ROAD 5 IF YOU ARE RUNNING A ROAD 4 GT AS THE TIRE WEARS, THE SIPING GROOVES WIDEN TO CONTINUE TO EVACUATE WATER EVEN AFTER 3500 MILES MICHELIN ROAD 5 TIRES STOP AS SHORT AS NEW MICHELIN ROAD 4 TIRES THANS TO THE EVOLUTIONARY XST EVO SIPES DUNLOP ROADSMART 3 WAS BARELY ON PAR WITH ROAD 4/ ROAD 5 KILLS IT I have a set that i am going to try later this year on my '07 RWB once the Angel GTs are worn out. I have been running the Angel GTs for years now and love them. My guess is the Road 5 will have much more grip in the wet and damp conditions than the Angel GT but maybe not more than in the dry. But being based off of the Power RS, I might be surprised when I try them how much grip they have. My highly modified Hawk GT has a set of the Power RS on it and the grip is insane. Hope that helps!
  11. NickyHadenRC45.JPG

    Awesome photo. RIP #69
  12. 1986 Vfr Track Bike Out Of Parts

    Now that's what I call a true RESTOMOD! looks awesome Cap'N!
  13. That video makes me want the VFR more than the Ducati SS! When the right deal comes along, even with a 6th gen in the garage I may have to get an 8th gen as well.
  14. The next INTERCEPTOR?

    Love the overall look Glad they didn't try to copy a Thruxton or Ducati Sport Classic It is the right color Love the name Would prefer it had a VFour without VTEC but WITH a Supercharger But just happy to see Honda coming out with some exciting NEW motorcycles rather than just BNG
  15. Braided Stainless Lines for 8th Gen?

    Have you checked into Galfer? I have had good luck with their lines myself. Have them on all 3 VFRs and the Hawk GT.

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