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  1. Awesome builds guys. The side radiators is truly one of Honda's engineering solutions that didn't need to be solved. Wish they had stuck with the front mount radiator.
  2. Personally I think its sad that this forum has become just as bad as every other site's comments that I read. Not sure what that is all about but its a trend that I hope does not continue. This forum has been an incredible resource with a very non judgemental community of enthusiasts. Not just VFRs, not just Hondas, not even just motorcycles. Just like minded gear heads, some with more of a V Four sickness than others. For 2019, I hope that we get back to that.
  3. I think that is the most options for exhaust styles/ finishes that I have ever seen from one company for Honda VFRs. Just noticed that they have Superhawk, VTEC VFR and Hawk GT exhaust options also. Thanks for mentioning these guys adkfinn!
  4. I always thought this was a pretty decent match with my RWB. The Kabuto Aeroblade was A Shoei quality helmet with an HJC price tag.
  5. Correct. I asked the Pirelli USA rep that exact question years ago and he confirmed that the GT A spec would not help on a 5th or 6th gen for mileage. It would be better suited for the 1200, in much the same way that the Michelin designs their Road 4/ GT.
  6. Excellent ride review, way to put them through their paces. The Michelin US 2 wheel market manager that I was talking to said that these would actually be pretty good "wets" to use for track days, since they have some of the Power RS DNA in them as well.
  7. Thanks for the update Duc. I sent Ben a note asking why they were not part of the kit. They really should be, I was under the assumption that I was purchasing a complete radiator hose refurb kit. That doesn't seem to be the case now. I will need that hose for my '07 as well, although I am sure i can still get an OEM Honda. But for the price of these silicone hoses it should come with everything...
  8. Hi Erik, You will receive the exact hoses in the picture but if you're missing anything when you receive them just let let me know. Thanks Ben Knowing how things usually go for these projects, I am going to guess that the hoses that go to the wax unit are not in there, but if you see otherwise let me know. I don't want to get into this project and realize that AS3 did not give me all of the hoses.
  9. Just bought a blue silicone hose kit for my RWB '07 and a red kit for my '01 from AS3 performance. great to work with so far, eager to get them installed soon.
  10. Loving the gold wheels with the red. Makes me reconsider powdercoating my 8 spoker black sometimes!
  11. Have you checked into Galfer? I have had good luck with their lines myself. Have them on all 3 VFRs and the Hawk GT.
  12. I get that its a new management team, but the sheer marketing stupidity is insane. If its a new team, why not a new name? Why have any association with the old company at all? The tech is the same. Skully (and now Fusar unfortuantely) have a poor reputation in the motorcycle community. Put another way, do you think that anyone would buy a Pinto or if another car company launched one today?
  13. Even with the backing, why would anyone ever possibly trust them again? There is a really funny article on that subject (along with an even more hilarious pod cast) on Asphaltandrubber.com. Fool me once... I would still want my damn money back.
  14. Sena's Momentum Lite helmet (full face helmet with integrated bluetooth comm) arrives next month. In early '18 the Momentum will also have a built in camera option.
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