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  1. Here is the bike with panels hastily reattached. Best I can supply on short notice. Snapped the chain and pulled sprockets tonight. Frightening amount of crud built up around chain, a good dozen links were frozen, explains why the chain was rattling. Should have new drive installed by end of the week so I can get her on the road. glad to be aboard.
  2. I've been on the forums for a couple few months gathering intel on maintenance issues, and nuances of the Gen 5. Patiently waiting and watching the classifieds in SoCal until a 17K mile '98 popped up down outside of San Diego. On test ride, the flapper valve scraping noise nearly scared me out of the sale but I figured out what it was. Got the bike back to shop and there are a couple of issues.... Exhaust seems too rich and chain needs replacing (it dances and rattles when on the center stand in gear). Besides that, it needs valves checked, all fluids replaced and I am goin
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