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  1. SamW

    Corbin Seats

    I bought my 86 VFR700f about 20 years ago, I lived in Atlanta at the time, now I am living in TN, but happened to be in Atlanta over the weekend, so I swung by the shop my buddy owns and where I bought the bike from the PO, after talking to my buddy for a while, he says he has something for me, and grabs an 86 VFR Corbin seat, seems the PO dropped it off at his shop a while back and he held it for me. The bike came with the original seat and tail cover, but I bought a Corbin for it a few years after I got it, but this one is more of a solo seat design vs. the two up design I have on it now. Given the bike has over 90k miles on it, and all the spare parts i have for it, it is definitely worth more in parts, but it has too many smiles to give up.
  2. SamW

    NYC to ATL road trip

    That will be a fun ride, just a little more advice, don't take the BRP to the end if heading to ATL, hop off around Balsam Gap and take 23/74 down to 441, and that will get you to ATL, just follow the signs, it does some odd exits. In my younger days, I did ATL to Lynchburg, Va via the BRP in a day, got there late afternoon, very early start, without many stops. That might give you an idea about making time.
  3. SamW


    A Hawk was my first bike, looking back I may have been a touch too tall for it (6'2"), but I enjoyed every ride on it. The odd thing about it was it was a medium metallic blue color, only one I have seen, not the dark blue color.
  4. First, I think MM earned his penalties, just wonder what Sets thinks of all of VR's ramblings...
  5. I placed my order, low mount carbon 16", 4-6 weeks we will see, may take a while to get it installed...
  6. I screwed up too, 1,000 CND, roughly $800 USD.
  7. Hindle sent me to Ripple Rock Racers, they said 800 CND for the system (+75 for carbon can), 300 CND deposit, 4-6 weeks to delivery.
  8. Well, I already have the F2 wheel conversion, Fox twin clicker, fork brace, gold valves, Corbin seat, radial front mc, ss brake lines, and the micron exhaust, so why not a full exhaust, it is the 700. Besides, it probably has a complex being parked next to my other bike in the garage. I sent them a message yesterday, we will see what they say.
  9. I am struggling too, $800 exhaust for my '86 bike with 90k+ miles on it, I guess it already worth more in parts. I will contact them and get on the list.
  10. Is that the 18" in the bottom picture? I like your choice, may wait to see it, but a low 16" carbon may be my choice. I couldn't find anything on the VFR on their website, how do you put a deposit down?
  11. SamW

    Why a red Guzzi?

    Hey Timmy, what do you think of the Millet GT, it is black, not red....
  12. SamW

    Why a red Guzzi?

    That's the one, I'm a sucker for the dual headlights. A buddy bought a TDM and that would be a good equivalent. I think I remember that one in Maryland, seems it went quick, or did it end up on feebay?
  13. SamW

    Why a red Guzzi?

    Not boring at all, I will be in the market for either a California II or a Quota (or both) once my leg heals from my V11 incident, I am using my Ambassador as a sort of mental rehab until I can ride again.
  14. SamW

    Why a red Guzzi?

    At least it is not the typical tear drop cruiser tank, looks a little UFO inspired. Which Guzzi is that off?
  15. SamW

    Why a red Guzzi?

    Sounds like you ran across a great one! But I think we need more pictures!

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