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  1. Awesome post, thanks! Saw on the MotoAmerica site it was coming, but had not seen this video!
  2. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. Mine is mounted in the same location as the picture above.
  4. If you have not downloaded the shop manual, do that and look at the carb diagram or go to an online shop and look at the exploded parts diagram. It does not look familiar to me, but it has been many years since I had mine apart. On the poor idle, you will have to get a section of thin wire and clean out the idle passage, I had to do this on all four of my carbs, but it sat a few years. Slow process of poking the wire in then spray carb cleaner in the passage, then wire, then carb cleaner, etc.
  5. That looks really close without the flash.
  6. That looks like the system I ordered, looks great and sounds great, you are giving me motivation!
  7. I received my box of parts last week, won't be able to install until spring.
  8. I got my email last night, production run Aug 7, said they system will ship that same week. Now I need to plan the install!
  9. I placed my order, low mount carbon 16", 4-6 weeks we will see, may take a while to get it installed...
  10. Hindle sent me to Ripple Rock Racers, they said 800 CND for the system (+75 for carbon can), 300 CND deposit, 4-6 weeks to delivery.
  11. Well, I already have the F2 wheel conversion, Fox twin clicker, fork brace, gold valves, Corbin seat, radial front mc, ss brake lines, and the micron exhaust, so why not a full exhaust, it is the 700. Besides, it probably has a complex being parked next to my other bike in the garage. I sent them a message yesterday, we will see what they say.
  12. I am struggling too, $800 exhaust for my '86 bike with 90k+ miles on it, I guess it already worth more in parts. I will contact them and get on the list.
  13. Is that the 18" in the bottom picture? I like your choice, may wait to see it, but a low 16" carbon may be my choice. I couldn't find anything on the VFR on their website, how do you put a deposit down?
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