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  1. If you have not downloaded the shop manual, do that and look at the carb diagram or go to an online shop and look at the exploded parts diagram. It does not look familiar to me, but it has been many years since I had mine apart. On the poor idle, you will have to get a section of thin wire and clean out the idle passage, I had to do this on all four of my carbs, but it sat a few years. Slow process of poking the wire in then spray carb cleaner in the passage, then wire, then carb cleaner, etc.
  2. That looks really close without the flash.
  3. That looks like the system I ordered, looks great and sounds great, you are giving me motivation!
  4. That makes sense, the Quota has the suicide side stand, self retracting, I think there is a fix for it i will have to do one day.
  5. I don't know if it is the angle, but that is one heck of a side stand on your 850 T!
  6. Looks like a great project, keep us posted!
  7. On the first page of the '87 brochure, it says "This kit was designed for the VFR750F..." and "You are required to prepare some parts by yourself." That seems to indicate that these are kits for production models and not models themselves.
  8. The one big issue I saw were the U.S. sales numbers, just over 300 were sold in the US, a little less than 4,800 world wide, so not mass produced, all hand made by HRC. but I did enjoy the video, good to see the VFRs!
  9. The last month or so the itch has come back, just not sure my leg is ready, not back to full strength yet, but I am planning to ride this spring. I had started a full restoration on an older bike just prior, so the mental rehab is finishing that project, and I think mental rehab is very important. And like you, nothing i could do in the wreck, she crossed over into my lane, got me head on, slowish speed, I saw it coming.
  10. Congrats on the build and riding again, went through something very similar about 15 months ago, still not back in the saddle even though I did ride about 30 feet a few months ago. Unfortunately, mine was too far gone to rebuild, I saw it on eBay (at least parts of it) a few months ago and it saddened me, wish I could have rebuilt it.
  11. I've done Atlanta to Topeka in a day on a '91, but I was much younger then. Not a bad ride, all Interstate, daylight would be the issue this time of year, going to be dark on one end of both. But I might vote for shipping, done that with cars, always went well.
  12. I received my box of parts last week, won't be able to install until spring.
  13. Why a Red Guzzi, because the previous owner was one of the riders who broke the 24 hour record in 1986 on board an '86 VFR700 and VFR750. 😀
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