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Make It Growl For $20

Guest axplayer

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  • 2 weeks later...

This post should help you understand what your drilling into. The drawing of the baffle design shows a wall to the left of the 2 outlet pipes. I think that wall is what your drilling into to open up the fist chamber

missing the link i guess? or i might have misunderstood the sentence :(

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I attempted this mod but couldn't find an extension that fit down the bent pipe. So I spent $10 & got a pack of cut off wheels & a 1" hole saw. I did the partial gut I think, cutting the little pipes about 1" back. I didn't take the exhaust off or any of the trim. It sounds awesome!! Nice & throaty, no backfires or rattles. IMO it sounds like vid clips of the 2 brothers. I tried using my phone to record but it distorts the hell out of it.

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Guest DannyMoto

So.. let me get this straight...

1. Holesaw on extension with electric drill...

2. Insert holesaw into 1 of the 4 outlets in the ehxuast...

3. Once you hit the back, start drilling...

4. Repeat for all 4 holes...

5. Ensure all drilled plates came out of the exhaust...

6. Start bike, stand clear, rev to remove debris...

7. Ride and enjoy...

Really??? That's it??? I may have to do this when the wife goes to work...

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  • Member Contributer

I was waiting for the ultimate hammer blow that would send the bike of its center stand...... :goofy:

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Guest DannyMoto

Okay, so I finally did this mod.

1. Used the counter-sink bit... only easier way would've been to use a small cut-off wheel in there. The angled pipe is a real pig to get through.

2. Took 3 battery charges on brand new Craftsmas cordless.

3. Broke my Bosch 12" extension... the drill got so hot (even with oiling it) that it warped the aluminum clips holding the bit in place. As I extracted the extension from the can my bit and both pieces of the lock fell off right at the back of the can... luckilly it happened there where I could get everything out with a long set of needle-nose pliers. Any deeper and I would've been screwed.

4. I did drill the 6 hole version... through both bent tubes and 2 in each backer plate at the back of the second chamber.

I also removed the snorkle and disabled the flapper valve.

Holy crap is the bike nice and smooth now. Not obnoxiously loud, not even noticibely much louder from a rider's position. But down at idle it's much more throaty.

All in all, for 20 bucks and an afternoon... not a bad little mod.

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  • 6 months later...

"Make It Growl" was the best 20 minutes spent drilling and cutting off sections of the two straight pipes (wanted only a 2.5 chamber exhaust) to get a deeper sound out of the sewing machine stock exhaust. Many mental horsepowers were added.

.....and then there was the 2.5 hours spent futzing around fishing, yanking, dropping, fishing, yanking, dropping, fishing some more and then finally cutting out one of the pipe sections that dropped inside and would NOT otherwise come out.

Highly recommend this mod - cheap, (can be) quick, and not too loud. If you can't justify a slip-on system this is a very close second. Just be sure not to drop the cut off section before it's out of the muffler!

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  • 4 years later...

Does anyone know if this thread has been reposted anywhere with working links? Have just spent 2 days remanufacturing the rusted joint from tailpipes to cat, so much do I want to try a version of this mod on the lovely-looking (but sadly Vespa-fart sounding) factory cans of my '05 VTEC. Whilst my dubious DIY TIG skills are acceptable for the unseen clamp joint, I'm hesitant to risk them on a full gutting (yet!)


This thread is still super-relevant.

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  • 1 month later...

I know this thread is super old, but i thought i might help someone. I did the simple drawing (using my sick paint skills, lol) showing both mods: The drilling and gutting. Please bare in mind that i haven´ t mod my exhaust yet so i can´t comment on the results.

This is the stock exhaust flow:



a new way to gut the exhaust.png

If anyone can confirm the make it growl mod - do you drill straight through the bent pipe opening it up to the third chamber and drill the back wall through the hole in the pipe? Or do you force the drill bit to bore the pipe sleightly to make it easier for the bit to follow the bend leaving the pipe walls intact? I will drill mine at some point and try to make a comparison audio clips. The ones on this thread won´t work anymore. If anyone still has them - let us know. Hope they might help someone.

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So, i drilled out the bent pipes on my bike today. Sure was pretty pain in the a... to do it. I used a 16mm drill bit and heavy-duty drill. It now has a nice mellow growl on idle. Sounds really good. Its not any louder than the stock exhaust. It sounds similar to the arrow exhaust i had before. Im going to use a dremel later on to make the holes a bit cleaner. Just didnt have the time today. I didnt have the countersink so i left the straight pipes alone for now. 

And here's a video 

Don't know how well my S8 picks up the sound, but still. Its not a huge difference compared to the stock, but there's definitely a mellow growling on idle which wasn't there before. I didn't want really loud or throaty exhaust, just add some juice to the sound and that's exactly what i got. Firstly i'll clean up the holes and see how it sounds then. I might drill the rest of the pipes too. All in all, i'm really happy. Hope this info might help someone who's considering about doing it.

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