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  1. ninjadoc

    Great Bay

    Gaaaawd, What a beautiful bike
  2. ninjadoc

    VFR Streetfighter

    very nice
  3. absolutely fantastic, such dedication and craftmanship, if i was a millionaire i would have funded the whole project ..unfortunately i am pooooor :( ... but you deserve it.
  4. ninjadoc

    VFR800 04

    amazingly clean and beautiful
  5. ninjadoc

    54583234 ZJG 3872~2~2

    classy, even a matched gopro :cool:
  6. Congrats, one of the most awesome vfrd feature pic
  7. ninjadoc

    Got VFRed

    After months finally got the right one
  8. ninjadoc


    awesomee, will be so much fun to ride
  9. ninjadoc

    Wad 12

  10. ninjadoc


    Out standings pics mykill
  11. thx gravy, so i am basically going to just dril the external pipes to get acces to the first compartment as in this pic?
  12. missing the link i guess? or i might have misunderstood the sentence :(
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