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  1. Strange..yawns and blinks.... it's 2015 erk! didn't see the thread bump... New years resolutions include getting this bike on the road for a UK summer! I've been tied up with renovating my old house over winter.. .warmer weather soon please! Something to look at in the way of an update.. Honda RS250RW track fairing... i've added some mounting tabs and started the front subframe... Radiator is really too wide for the upper so now mounted veritcally with new hangers welded on. Happy New Year VFRD!
  2. Alodine... had to look that up. Guessing you use it on aircraft parts at work? Gonna be very careful with pressure testing. i've heard of people balloning tanks with only 5 psi.
  3. Nope - filler neck and breather still need welding on. Open to ideas on wjhat to do for a leak/pressure test? Anodising sounds like a good idea. Sliding bath? you been playing with rubber duckies and the soap again?
  4. Thanks Guys! One day i'll make a sexy hand beaten tank! Will be using a stock fuel pump and this mounting plate.
  5. Cheers Mr Canuck! Shame it's going to be hidden with a CBR600RR tank cover. Will source some baffle foam blocks to stop the fuel sloshing about too.
  6. Got the tank welded up.... Filler cap and breather ready to be welded on. Next get it mounted!
  7. Something to look at.. started fabing the tank. i've calulated that it will hold about 10 litres.. will do for testing. Underside will fit over the airbox nicely. Anybody recommend some type of isolation mounts?
  8. Yes indeed we do Some chamfering on the edges and black anodising and we'll be good to go. Here's the other side and a better shot of a plate. Uses one of gear linkages that comes with the rearsets.
  9. i started designing some rearsets a long time ago.... well there's a fair amount of machining and design in a full set.. so I cheated.. Adaptor plates... keep it simple and allow any cbr600rr rearsets to be used. these are from uk gbmoto. I need to machine another set with the mounting holes more upright.
  10. Cheers doug, It's more of where was I going to put the old style coils I have them mounted like this... and they look meh!
  11. Hmmm... apologies all - I hadn't seen that anyone had posted to this thread this year till this morning! Some progess.. I've moulded a rudimentry airbox as a standard one wouldn't fit between the frame rails. filtering is going to be minimal... stainless steel mesh maybe a thin layer of foam. All of the electrics are mounted under the seat plate apart from the tilt switch sensor. Fibreglassed a holder for the LiFe Po4 battery. Having read the COP thread yesterday. i've pulled the trigger on some late model GSXR 750/600 coil sticks - getting rid of those traditional coils and leads w
  12. Cheers guys! I've seen Rangerscott69's COP setup. - Hoping it's still working OK too.
  13. Agghhh! You got me there Seb! Yep there's some progress... slow progress but something to look at! Coils mounted... has anyone worked out if a coil-on-plug setup works yet? airbox plug nearly ready for fibreglass - i've moulded this now but haven't taken any pics of it yet.
  14. redmarque

    HossackViffer Mk2

    Second Version of Hossack Forked 5th Gen VFR
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