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  1. klrtovfr


  2. This runs terrible on two different 2002 bikes both with bmc air filter, 98 catless headers, one with gutted stock exhaust one with two brothers silencer. The vtec engagement point is the worst, its like it has no power below it and then adds 100hp at that point creating an illusion of power but is terrible when riding on track or twisties. It also sputters a lot in maintenance throttle through turns and cuts out. Both bikes in Wisconsin which I think is around 1000-2000 ft above sea level and temperature doesnt seem to make a difference.
  3. A good friend gave me a rear 99f4 shock. Im somewhere between 140-145lbs without gear. This is mainly used for high speed track and Im wondering what the correct spring I need for track use and if it needs to be revalved? Also would swapping the vtec spring onto the f4 shock be ok?
  4. klrtovfr

    IMG 0547 9001

    Ordered the digital copies on a cd, just waiting on them then I will re upload this photo.
  5. klrtovfr


    two V4 bikes one with 50 extra horses
  6. 3 interceptors 1984, 1998, and 2002. And a bandit and intruder as well
  7. Thank you. It's the OEM screen with satin black krylon fusion painted on the inside.
  8. candy red is a 2007 model. So it should be 2006 and newer.
  9. Cozyes map felt exactly like stock powerwise but quite a bit smoother. Tinyminds map is ridiculous at vtec engagement, makes me lose concentration. However, coasting at 7200rpm then to wot it feels like a lot more torque compared to stock/cozyes. I get a lot of backfiring on downshifts with tinyminds also. I definitely need to get it tuned hopefully after my next track day.
  10. ya I see that his does fueling in 500 rpm increments where the others are done in 250 rpm increments.
  11. 06164-PCB-000 Fuel injectors are the same on 99-03
  12. there you go 99 and 00 are the one you want confirmed. I think thats a mistake in the manual it should be After 00 (01-03) as 50psi. I would go with a 99 just to be safe. 16740-MAT-E02 replaces 16740-MAT-E01. 16740-MAT-E22 is the 50psi 01+ fpr
  13. Havent got mine hooked up yet but it will work. I think you were mislead as they work on 02-09 and possibly on 5th gens as well. They usually come with a map designed for an 06-09 but you can load an 02-05 map on there. 06-09 can use the map for each gear as that is the way it is from the factory but I am unsure if it works on 02 yet.
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