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  1. Unsubstantiated speculation, BUT, (As I haven't done the actual research), Isn't there a valve difference, as well as gearing?
  2. Happy Birthday Travis!

  3. My Gawd. You're one hardcore SOB. BEAUTIFUL WORK! Top shelf. Highest praises, on your hard work. I LOVE it!
  4. Better to be looked over than over looked. It is hard developing something new without stepping on traditions. I always start off with my list of needs, and try to follow some basic design guidelines regarding strength of materials, functional needs, and long term wear and usage. Sometimes I am surprised at the ending. I am a mechanical designer who uses no program or paper when I make things, funny how that is. Sort of a stream of thought. I posted these pics and descriptions to see if the design could hold water, so questions are very much appreciated. LOL. Seems you have methods that are sound. It so happens that an engineer, "without hands on", tends to worry me a tad. I see it a lot. LOL. Your bike needs a Bug Buster. LOL. The folks here, NEVER cease to amaze! Beautiful work and appreciated thought process!!!! Hats off.
  5. Tits! What I missed is the reflector in the bar-ends. Are they lit, as well? Like it!!!!!! We should brain-storm 6th gen trinkets! LOL.
  6. So are you saying all of these codes are the same color or does it take 7 numbers to constitute a PPG code? Stupid minds want to know. :goofy: The quote, you have, is the total break-down, of R-157,.....yes. they all contribute.
  7. Glad to contribute to the team! Happy to help develop the pic, in Poncho's head. When Poncho called, my response was, "My help?" LOL. Seb is on the road to being legendary in paint and fab. Elated to see the culmination, of the vision.
  8. LOL. I was gonna say interesting, as well. LOL. Yet haunting. Can't take my eyes off it. Very nice. New desktop. Earmark for '11 calendar.
  9. Rivcyko

    Bison Encounter

    Buffalo Tron? LOL.
  10. Rivcyko

    led mirrors

    Sorry. don't know about the mirrors. I just modded my "Lobstenders", with leds and resin.
  11. Call me. Happy to help, but time is what I have,...not so much $$$. Signed- Willing to HELP. LOL.
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