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  1. so where is the weld nut that can be removed to access the DB killer ? My carbon end cap hasn't got any holes to see where it is ?
  2. I have a 2020 with the Akra, no screw available to remove, where is it ?
  3. I bet you can reset the service indicator too ?
  4. I don't get this.....at 35 seconds a car in front is indicating to merge the same direction as you but you decide to accelerate past as they are merging yet you complain at the MB ?!!!! Do you walk around the streets like this pushing past people and barging your way through because you are quicker ?
  5. What headers are they and what difference have they made ? Obviously cat removal but performance ?
  6. I hope you're doing well my distant bike friend ?
  7. Black looks so much nicer with the black frame, I originally wanted black but as far as I could find UK bikes have silver frames
  8. Holy moly, a big black box has landed on the back of your bike
  9. You'll get a brand new one for £9000
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