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  1. Oh I'v got pit bull stands too for those special occasions, had them before I discovered Bursig. But the Bursig rarely (actually, so far, never) has gotten in the way of service. The ability to maneuver and position multiple bikes in shop with the Bursig is something I'll never be without. Also tire and chain maintenance is easier with the Bursig.
  2. Just got tracking number from Motea, the stand is in route!
  3. I've read where they do not ship to the US. However, I just placed an order with a US delivery address. Their website included the US in the "select country" drop down box. The order was accepted and payment processed. We will see! After owning the Bursig I will never be without a center lift rolling stand. I'll sell the bike if not available 😀
  4. Hello guys. I just bought a Gen 8 VFR, havent even picked it up yet. I have two Bursig center lift stands and absolutely love them. According to Bursig's website they do not offer an adapter plate that fits the VFR 800. Bummer. I've just sent them an email to confirm but don't have high hopes. In a search for alternatives I ran across the below link. Looks good to me. That said, I can't turn up anything on the internet about them (maybe Google limiting search to USA?). Anybody got info? Constands Center Lift
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