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  1. I know these types of rides are pretty boring to read about, but thought I'd post it up here in case any other IBA riders are around. I used to be pretty active in the Ironbutt Association, but I took a break from the long trips after my kids were born. If you're not familiar, the Saddlesore 1K is an entry-level certificate offered by the IBA. It's a documented 1000 mile trip completed within 24 hours. You use a map of your route and fuel receipts to verify the time and location of your stops to get your certificate from IBA. There are no benefits other than the satisfaction of the ride,
  2. Decided to order a set of the BLS blocks after almost dumping the bike when my boot got hung up on the Knight's pegs. Until the BLS blocks arrive and I can reattach the OEM pegs, I've wrapped the Knight's with gaffers tape to keep the "teeth" from grabbing the treads on my riding boots. Looks like crap, but it will do the job for a few days.
  3. I feel the same way. I've had dozens of supersport, sport-touring and adventure bikes in the last 40 years and my 2014 VFR is the worst I've owned from an aural standpoint. The OEM exhaust's tone is too high-pitched. I bought an Akrapovic slip-on and the tone was perfect (smooth/deep rumble), but the volume was far too loud for my taste, especially at start-up and idle. I sold it and bought an Arrow slip-on but but it was even louder. I have Arrow mufflers on my Ducati and two of my Triumphs, but they only altered the tone without drastically increasing the volume, so I was surprised at
  4. Oh, I wish I had known about this option before I bought the Knight Design pegs. I got them installed this weekend and adjusted the pedal/shifter to accommodate the lower position and I'm pretty happy overall, but I wish I'd been able to retain the stock pegs as I I prefer the way they feel. The Knights pegs have an aggressive texture that really grabs my boots and makes it a bit more difficult to slide my foot back and forth. I'll give it a couple of weeks to see if I get used to it, but if not I'll be in touch. Regardless, I'm glad to know there are other options available. T
  5. Yes. I've made sure the seat is as high as possible. But with a 38" inseam, it's still not quite enough. I think another 1" - 1.5" of legroom would be just enough to be comfortable without resorting to seat mods. The latter have always required me to get risers for the clip-ons, so I prefer to lower my feet rather than raise my butt.
  6. I recently found a "new, old-stock" 2014 VFR800 at a local Honda dealership and brought it home. I love everything about the bike except for the peg height since my 50yr old knees aren't quite as flexible as they used to be. I've found several different varieties of lowered pegs for the 8th gen bikes, but I was curious about how well they integrate with the brake pedal. I have the quick shifter and it seems to have enough adjustability to accommodate the change, but the brake pedal looks problematic to me as it appears that a lowered peg would place the pedal high enough to interfere with m
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