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  1. Hi all, A few quick questions about the VFR1200FD, specifically about the front brakes. 1) are the front pads supposed to have constant contact with the disk (I.E when the bike is on centre stand and you try turn the front wheel there is a fair amount of resistance from brakes) 2) At high speed is the front brake lever supposed to be ‘easier’ to pull (I.E it requires much more movement to apply the brake) These are the only two things I’ve found that seem pretty odd, but I’m unsure if they’re intentional or not, and google isn’t proving much use.
  2. Hi Grum, Thanks for the reply. I went out this morning and couldn't seem to replicate the issue, until I got home and noticed a quiet, but similar sound. Turns out, as far as I can tell, there is some plastic shielding under the radiator that looks to clip together on both sides. That had come loose, so both sides were split from one another. My guess is at high speed air pressure was pushing them further apart, and the noise was likely the two halves rubbing/banging together until they returned to a 'normal' position. I'll keep the thread updated if I have any more issues with it!
  3. Hi all, Had a look around and can’t seem to see if this is something common with VFR1200’s. As I’ve just bought the bike, and it’s my first ‘big bike’, I have no reference points or experience. Long story short, the bike is amazing, however I’ve noticed if I give it a lot of throttle (up towards 8k) and then begin to slow down, the bike appears to knock and sounds generally unhappy. This then clears and goes away after a few seconds. I’m almost certain the noise is coming from the front of the bike. If I didn’t know any better I’d describe it as sounding like hard plastic been crumpled. The noise has on one occasion continued even once the bike is stopped with clutch engaged, but quickly subsided. Its difficult to explain the noise due to helmet etc, but I’d describe it as a quite loud knocking. Really just looking to hear is this is normal for these bikes. Is it just the radiator fans kicking in and because of the helmet and ambient noise it sounds weird?? cheers
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