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  1. The slider bar is outstanding. I am surprised we don't see more custom protection from this site.
  2. Not a bad mornings work. 954 shock installed. I deviated from other posts a bit but all in all the same methods. Time to sort out the settings...
  3. It is great to see all these SF builds. I have to say though, if you all are not envious enough, they are Amazing to ride. The engine, the weight, the position, the engine, did I repeat myself, sorry. Absolute blast to ride. If you have the means, I highly recommend building one. Wether it is a beater or a beauty, they are outstanding on the road.
  4. Brian, long time. We are all due for an upstate romp. Let's set something up...
  5. vfrAustin


    And that is how it is done. Very nice!
  6. Seen it in person Andy. The thing is that the custom bits look stock, or what should have been stock. You need to look really close and know where each piece came from and it all just looks incredible and works together.
  7. The cat has left the bag! Well done Seb. Now my spy photos are worthless.
  8. vfrAustin


    "Reduction" up front was done. It took 1 second using a guardrail.
  9. I know I am being lazy by asking this and not looking BUT what is a rattle can match to the stock 5th gen Red that may be readily available? Thanks in advance A
  10. Things change and you may have a hard time 5 years from now finding one to replace it. Store it properly under a cover and see what the next year or two brings. You know what anyone is going to pay you is a mere pittance of the real value of these bikes. They will be Very hard to find in ten years.
  11. I own one now. Too funny.
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