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  1. loosenoose

    headlight keeps burning out

    this is the headlight i have. i have hooked it up to the bike, and it was working just fine for the couple of minutes i had it plugged in. https://www.ebay.com/itm/7-inch-Led-headlight-Hi-Lo-Beam-For-Honda-CB650-750-900-GL1000-GL1100-Motorcycle/253271756973?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  2. loosenoose

    headlight keeps burning out

    Thanks guys. The headlight came with the bucket, so I would guess it's a motorcycle specific headlight. I have a decent LED headlight, but I'm still waiting for the mounting bracket for it. Y'all think I should be alright to run the LED unit without getting back into the harness?
  3. I recently posted about my naked vfr project. it's been a tough journey so far. not so much one gremlin after another, but several taking turns at killing my enthusiasm, lol i recently got the bike back from a shop that had wired up an acewell gauge, and things were pretty good until the headlight burned out on me AGAIN. this was the initial problem that kicked off the whole nakedization of the bike, so before i hacked up the wiring harness this had already happened twice. i have since then had it in 2 shops, for work on getting some smaller aftermarket gauges installed. i took it for about an hour long ride yesterday, thinking i may have gotten all the kinks out, but towards the end of the ride, while behind a pickup truck, i noticed my headlight was burnt out. with all the electrical issues and projects i have done on bikes, i should be a pro at this by now, but i have had a tough time learning this stuff. please help! at least the bike isnt overheating any more lol. pic was taken right after hopping off the bike after i got home. temp gauge is a radiator cap with built in thermometer.
  4. loosenoose

    5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    I did this mod as well. Like halfrider, I'm going naked, and I didn't want to mess anything up by having half of my coils exposed to the elements, since I ride in pretty much whatever weather. It was not a difficult mod, and it did drop a slight bit of weight from the bike. About as much as a good poop...
  5. That looks great, halfrider! Did you make that subframe? Would you sell one? How much would you charge? .... I'd kinda like to buy one off you lol Did you ever get the gauges situated? I got fed up with my Chinese Grom gauges, and my mechanic guy was having no luck either. I went with the acewell unit, and it's pretty good. Waiting on a different mount that will put it in front of the key. How did you go about mounting the sv rad? I'm using a thermometer built into a radiator cap, so I wouldn't need any fancy digital temp sensor deals.
  6. vfr800 frame hawk gt frame hawk gt with monster tail
  7. i am about waist deep into a naked conversion. i could stop here and be moderately happy with it, but i thought of putting a monster tail on here. the thought wont quit nagging at me until i check into it further. here's what the bike looks like right now. [/img]https://imgur.com/OD92eOg[/img] has anyone swapped a monster tail onto a vfr800? i have seen tons of hawk gt riders do this mod, and the frames look pretty similar. i guess i need to know some measurements of the subframe mounts, and to know what all i'm getting into, before i get into it. also, the gauge is an acewell, if anyone's wondering. i may or may not convert to an sv radiator as well... that's down the line though, maybe. the temps are good right now. i have a radiator cap thermometer, and it stays in the low end of the yellow once it has warmed up.
  8. loosenoose

    Vfr8 Streetfighter

    Yeah, I'm just messing with you, Seb. Your work is top notch, btw. Lol I'm not sure my budget will ever allow for nice custom made parts from you, but I'll sure drool over the pics. I just got the bike running again. It was the dang bank angle sensor. There's one less concern in my world! Whew!
  9. loosenoose

    Vfr8 Streetfighter

    Lol says the guy who makes custom parts for people :D
  10. loosenoose

    Vfr8 Streetfighter

    Lol I'd love to be able to afford someone to cleanly chop up my harness. I did that once, on a 92 vfrI had... I took it to a nice shop I know, and it wound up costing $800 to mount a dual sport style headlight and wrap some wires up in a big way of electrical tape. :/
  11. loosenoose

    Vfr8 Streetfighter

    What did you do with all the extra cables and stuff? Shove them in the airbox? Stuff them under the tank?
  12. loosenoose

    Vfr8 Streetfighter

    Sounds good. I was considering and acewell or vapor, but leaning towards the vapor because of cost.
  13. loosenoose

    Vfr8 Streetfighter

    hey keef, i am ready to start my own naked vfr project. from looking at the front end without the fairing on it, i'm going to have to remove the dash in order to fit a headlight. what gauges did you go with, and how did you mount them? my budget is not real big. i'm trying to be fairly cheap, with ebay and amazon. i have been wanting to shed some pounds off the bike for a while, but didnt feel terribly motivated until today. i paid like $40 last week for some headlight bulbs, to replace the burnt out ones on my bike. today was the first day i had with rideable weather. before i even got off my road, i hit a pothole and both low beams died. i had high's, but no low's. i got home and took the front fairing off and started looking at my options. i found some chinese grom style gauges for cheap, but idk about the quality.
  14. loosenoose

    i want to redo my 3rd gen

    i like how my vfr looks stock, but i would really like to put the bike on a diet. i just recently acquired the bike in a trade for a 2001 sv650. i would really like to have a tail like the sv's, with a rear seat that opens easily for storage. in my workplace cell phones are not allowed, so i have always kept the phone under the sv's seat. with the vfr this is more of a pain in the ass, and i feel like the bending of the seat isnt doing the seat any good either. for a while i was considering building a pair of ammo box panniers, but then realized that my exhaust would fry the right side can. i then decided on doing a top box, but i cant figure a good way to mount the thing without damaging the seat or cutting any fairings. my current plan is to redo the tail with a different subframe and seat. if it is something very minimalist, like the ducati monster, where the seat is the whole tail, other than a little bit of exposed subframe, i might be able to tuck a small lockable box under the seat to store my phone and mp3 player in while im at work. or i could possibly get a setup similar to that of my sv. i think i'd rather have the monster tail though. as for the leftover exposed tabs on the tank, i'm thinking of swapping tanks with something else. i hear that the vtr can accept a vfr tank, and i think i have read of a few hawk gt's with vfr tanks. if i can manage to pull this off, it will be in a fairly drawn out time span, but it will be awesome! i have a 1992 vfr 750f btw

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