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  1. Hi Sparrow75, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. Thanks so much for stay, Mark! Still riding, met a VFR rider from Chicago and we rode to Bryce then to Torrey. You meet the nicest people on a Honda VFR! Met a sheriff too, and he must also ride a VFR. ;)
  3. Great! That's sounds funner already! ("funner" is a real word, irregardless of what you may think) Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought there was a member possibly coming with a 500F...Funkysupermatic or something was his name? ;)
  4. Hey Dutchy, I had a similar struggle with my forks when I put emulators in. Seemed like the seals backed up a bit and the rubber of the seal and the crud pinched the circlip in place really tightly. I tapped the circlips down a bit to loosen the grip the seal had on the clip. Might help, maybe not. Good luck.
  5. Hey neighbour! Yes, roadworthy after with new tires and suspension tweaks. Are you B-lining for the Kootenays or taking scenic route? I was thinking to do an overnighter, heading through Fraser Canyon, Hwy 8 to 5A, then across to Vernon, Nakusp and Nelson.
  6. Curry, just saw this thread now. Wow, thanks for all the info. After cutting across Oregon coming back from the fun SumSum3, I gotta say those roads are top of my list for the motorcycling season next year. And troopers only give me warnings in your state...really weird but I won't complain. If anything is planned for Oregon, smallish meet-up or bigger group, please count me in. I personally would love to do a ride from Seaside to Baker City, so many great sights and nice curvy roads to be ridden.
  7. Thinking about possible winter projects for my VF. ;)
  8. So disappointed I'm not there already. Came down with a nasty chest cold that completely destroyed my plans. I'll have to ride vicariously with you through you pictures! Have a blast! Choco, I'll PM you about getting you payment for the shirt.
  9. Sparrow75


    Randon photos
  10. Choco, looks like several people are missing from the latest list. This list was started by Veefer but then restarted, so just add those missing from the current list, incase your numbers ain't matching up. Anyhow, can't wait. I do like good expensive cotton t-shirts (read: last longer) but the technofiber ones like Didit sourced for the SumSumX2 are excellent too, especially for hiking and cycling, not just under a riding jacket. The cost of shirt will be insignificant to the cost of hotel, gas, food, beer, etc so no worries on cost.
  11. Thanks Choco, for getting this going! I rode some of those roads and want to do them again (especially 395). I know my bike can make that far, so count me in. And the winter project will be to get some new Givi V35s onto my ol'VF. Stayed at the Pheonix and it was not bad. Convenient laundry facilities there too. 1. Choco 2. DfnsMn69 3. MaxSwell 4.Willy 5. Sparrow75
  12. Sparrow75

    My Calender Submission

    nice, Nice, NICE!! (But you are missing the little guide on the fender that keeps the speedo cable from flapping around!)
  13. Sparrow75


    Son of a bitch! Does that ever look good!
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