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  1. Love the Black Widow Terrestrial Space Ship !!!
  2. PairOfAces

    A Pair of 700s

    Love your machines ! So Satisfying that I purchased My '86 VFR700F 29 years ago. A life of EXCITMENT !!!
  3. PairOfAces

    My Current VFR

    Envy and Lust is all I Feel :)
  4. PairOfAces

    Twenty Fifteen

  5. PairOfAces

    November Ride

    Marvelous Machine, a True Gem.
  6. I agree. It looks sharp. Can't wait to get two. Just avoided a breakdown thanks to the Honda Optimate 3+ solid state battery chargers I use to tend both bikes. It took abnormally long to come up to charge after a ride, alerting me that I had a charging problem. R/R was bad on '86. This happened this spring. Been looking for a voltmeter ever since. Thanks !
  7. I like. Cannot find one like this. Is it waterproof. Please share.
  8. PairOfAces


    It's faster than any VFR.... yet.
  9. PairOfAces

    Twenty Twelve

  10. She's a Beauty. You'll love rippin' through the gears. Wish you were nearby. Would love to ride with 'er.
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