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  1. Thanks for this bit of info... I accidentally backed one of these out when I was looking for an antifreeze drain when I first got my Y2K VFR800. It's on the lower part of the front of that engine. Great thread and what a piece of history... Good luck!
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    He is a lucky man to be able to share riding with someone he loves... but Dude, it's his daughter...
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    Beautiful shot! Always nice to see our fairer VFR riders... She's already got the black down so Timmy better watch out.
  4. Rush2112


    I love this picture! I keep coming back to look at it... Peaceful and inviting. Makes long for a place I've never been...
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    Wow, beautiful place and photo capturing the moment!
  6. I installed a LSL kit. The new ST1100 cables I used on my 5th gen are too tight and rub on the inside of the right fairing... I need to re-drill the handlebar alignment hole and try to re-align so their is no interference. I would have liked to use slightly longer cables; the ST1100 are longer than stock 5th gen cables... I don't know if the ST1300 is a bit longer than the 1100.
  7. I'm sure a few members are using them. It's been around a few years. I just thought it was time to give it a proper review on its own thread while the install was fresh on my mind. If you do a full search, it has only been mentioned 5 or 6 times and those posts have almost no detailed info in them. I've got one on my 5th gen, located under the seat by the left side of the battery. Works great... set it and forget it years ago. Speedometer is dead on based on GPS and Doppler radar confirmation. I thought I had written a short write-up on it back then but it may have just been another comment in a thread... kinda like this one
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    Nice pic! Well composed and and pleasing contrast of colors.
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    Going coastal is always better than going postal...
  10. ... Not a whole lot of drive shaft failures happening so I suspect this may have gone completely unnoticed had Honda not issued the recall. ... There have been reports of drive shaft failures on the 7th gens and the hard time riders were having with Honda replacing under warranty... especially on the European sites.
  11. It was a while ago, but I did print these out on a 3D printer and even posted about it. I used the CAD file Greg has to print them. mostly as a proof of concept, rather than for actual use. My business partner is the one who knows more about the different 3D printing materials and was the one who printed them. If I remember correctly, PLA was better than ABS, especially if it was going to be exposed to the Sun quite a bit, as it is more UV resistant. How did the printed versions work? Any issues or call outs?
  12. Ok... it was just a thought. I saw a decent 3D printer on sale and with materials could make 10 sets for $100/set and have everything paid for... with the heated part platform and CF PLA printer feedstock users reported excellent layer adhesion and structural integrity, figured as long as there wasn't too much shear it may be a suitable material... definitely would require careful, precise torque application or aluminum tube bolt hole supports.
  13. If we had a CAD or equivalent drawing could these be printed on a 3D printer with carbon fiber PLA?
  14. Hopefully, it won't take me that long to mount a swingarm...
  15. I agree... WooHoo, I am somebody! Thanks Larry! Is your name in the phone book?
  16. Rush2112

    Tahoe Nov 2015

    That's a beautiful pic... I think I was on that road in a rental car on a business trip last year and all I kept thinking was I wish I had my bike... it's a Y2K 5th gen too!
  17. Hope you heal quick and fully... I'm don't disagree on your oil logic, I'm collecting UOA data from Blackstone on 5w30 M1 right now and will extend the change interval as the reports indicate. On the other hand, I won't extend it very far (>8k miles) since the bike takes only a couple qts of oil... might try changing out the oil filter and letting the oil ride on and see what the test results show. Did that on my Acura a few times and it is still running strong at >205k miles.
  18. Oops's your that's dino.. The Doc is right... Rotella T6 5w-40 is full synthetic, the Rotella T 15w-40 is dino diesel engine oil. What XRCRIS posted was his report from a sample of Rotella T 15w-40 dino oil That is really kind of my point related to 3k oil changes in general. A huge waste of money and an Excellant Marketing Champaign by the oil Co's. Let's just focus on the Honda VFR here. Honda Engineer's recomended 8k oil change intervals with Dino oil and if you follow any oil test reports Honda Branded Oil usually rates towards the bottom of quality list in most any oil comparo test. Now let me put my simple mind to this issue starting only with a few facts first: 1- Honda produces high quality products 2- Honda engineers design those products 3- Honda engineers recommend 8k dino oil change intervals 4- Honda dino oil test in bottom half of quality testing(see about any test results) 5- Full Syn oil consistently test out better in all catigories vs dino oil ( to simplify only use info from top 5 Full Syn and top 5 dino oil from testing) btw no Honda oil on either list, Now let me start some simple conjecture: Honda engineers are comfy running their (lower quality) Branded dino at 8 k intervals, so by using a better quality dino oil like even the Rotella T mentioned here these same Honda engineers should easily approve 9k intervals using the better oil. Yes? Full Syn oil consistently runs longer intervals while performing as good or more often better then similar dino's. Yes? Now add together Honda engineered recommended 8k intervals, higher quality oil and now make it a high quality full syn oil and what intervals would you think those Honda engineers would recommend. Just by using my simple mind, these 5 simple facts that are laided out above and the slightest amount of realistic conjecture I have some serious backing to be very comfortable changing my oil with a top 5 rated dino oil at 8k intervals. I run Mobil 1 and am very happy with 6-8k intervals and have hit 10k once, wish I would have tested it!!! All intervals can be adjusted up or down based on other factors like how, where, temps, how many 4th gear wheelies, etc. but in general I consider any sub 5k interval severe over indulgence. Peace Out and Save the Dinosaurs! PS I'm Old and Slow but still run the piss out of my bikes and I've put over 105,000 miles on this one so far. BR Dude... it was 75 F in Nashville today... what are you doing on a Winter blues oil thread???Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Nice looking 8th gen... is that a TBR slipon? How does it sound?
  20. Congrats Buddy!!!! That's AWESOME and well deserved!!!!
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    WOW!!! That is beautiful... composed... and stunning... If Honda used that pic they would have sold more of the big girls... well done!
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    Nice Fall shot twisting through the mountains...
  23. Well it's about time!!! Congrats Seb! You deserve it!
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