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  1. I've subscribed to Rider magazine for years. I even got their leather jacket when they offered a life time subscription.
  2. How much did you get.? I got around 140HP with a PC custom tune, clipped soft rev limiter, Thortsen airbox, and Sato Bonzi's exhaust.
  3. Love the white wheels on the RWB. Mine is a little different then your's.
  4. I had one these. A 1975 model in red. Loved that bike.
  5. When I die. I'll still have my RWB. I can kick myself in the butt for selling to Cogswell my last A&A supercharger. Plus I should have never sold my RC51 either.
  6. How you going tp pull the dents out? Here's some pictures on my dent. Not as bad as your's. .
  7. Yeah you can. I dented my tank when I dropped my helmet on it. Got a dent puller from Harbor Freight. Pulled the dent right out. It took a couple of tries. https://www.harborfreight.com/crossbar-dent-repair-kit-66957.html
  8. I always thought of it as selective hearing loss. Only hear what you wanting to hear. LOL
  9. Losing your hearing is no joke. I'm 63 and just started to hearing aids. Lost most of the high frequencies from years of working around gas turbines and steam turbines. I had a hard time hearing some people. Mostly women. Their voices fall in the ranges I could no longer hear. It took my wife about 5 years to talk me into the hearing aids. Wish I would have gotten them sooner. Protect your hearing. Once gone, it ain't coming back. Pick ear plugs that are comfortable. If they are not. You will not wear them like you should. I have the ringing in the ears. To me it sounds like summer crickets all the time. With the crickets and the new voice in my head that says "Low Battery" for when the hearing aid batteries get low. Combine that with the other voices in my skull. I hate it when they have a staff meeting.
  10. Hello Rusty.  


    I'm writing to ask a question.  In late 2010 / 2011 I was part of the buy of Dan's (A&A) supercharger kit for the 6th gen.  In chatting with him while getting ready to purchase it, we were talking and he mentioned a couple of other VFRD members that were purchasing the kit.  For whatever reason, your name stuck in my memory.  There were a few others but I don't recall now who they were.  If I'm incorrect in that recollection, my apologies for bugging you.  At any rate, I had never gotten around to installing it and through some unfortunate circumstances sold it.  I was wondering if you might still have yours, maybe similar - something you never got around to diving in to.  If so and you would entertain a discussion about trading it, I would be interested. 


    Many thanks


    Curry Garvin









  11. I'm using the PIAA bulbs now. H7's and H4's. I like the white light better.
  12. You forgot one. :happy: http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/57685-let-the-mods-begin-part-ii/ The lower bearing are different between the VFR, SP1, and SP2. VFR and the SP1 are the same diameter, but different thichness. That's why the 3mm spacer when using the SP1 lower bearing.The SP2 is a larger diameter.
  13. Hey, I never thought of that! :idea3: No.............I'm going to be like you. :biggrin: If I goin' to check the valves. I'm pullin' the heads and doin' a port and polish, with a multi angle. :fing02:
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