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  1. To my knowledgedge. A&A Perf. no longer makes them. I had 2 of them, and sold both. Cog got one of them.
  2. It can be welded. Have to find someone who tig welds and knows what he is doing. Looks like that piece could be stainless.
  3. Same here. Wish I would have hung on to my RC51 too.
  4. First road bike was a new 1973 Honda CL350 that I bought with change that I saved up. LOL . Started riding when I was 7 yrs old, 64 now. It helps when your brother is 11 yrs older. He's still riding at the age of 75. Over the years, I had about 23 bikes. 2 HD's that I hated, a Duc 851 SP that I bought as a basket case from a dentist who was trying to restore it and was over his head. Throw in a few Honda's, 2 Yammies, one I wish I would have kept. A TZ 350. A Kaw Z1R. Had a 1975 CB400, and a 1990 CB1 400. Matched set. LOL Wish I would have kept my '03 RC51. Dirt bikes. 125cc Puch
  5. Years ago when I was an auto mechanic. Used to have customers who lived in the mountains bring their vehicles in for repair. Nothing was off limits for mice. Wiring, hoses, filters, seats, insulation, carpet. You name it, they chewed on it. Spent weeks rewiring, replacing hoses on one car. Had a girl came in and said the A/C fan would vibrate and smell really bad on high. Dropped the fan and cage down. Found a mouse in the fan cage, dead. It was all I could do to keep from puking my guts out cleaning that fan cage. He smelled really BAD!
  6. Check other areas of the bike for damage. Mice can and will make a mess of things. I had them make a nest inside my air box.
  7. On my 6G. I used the SP1 lower tree with the SP1 lower bearing. I placed a 3mm shim between the frame and the lower bearing race. The reason for the shim is. The SP1 bearing race is 3mm shorter in height then the VFR bearing race. The shim puts the race in the right place so that it isn't sitting too deep in the frame for the seal to work. The top bearing is the VFR bearing.
  8. Ah...........yea.............You might want to use google to find out. It deals will sex. LOL https://www.urbandictionary.com/ might be a better choice to use. to find out.
  9. Missing the rest of the patch. "No Muff Too Tuff, We dive at 5, Muff Dive Local 69"
  10. RC51, SP1 bottom yoke. 954 top yoke. Bottom bearing RC51, SP1. With a 3mm spacer between the frame and bearing race. Top bearing, VFR Forks, RC 51 SP1, SP2. I used the Ohlins from my SP2. Front fender. SP2 Front rim. The SP2 is a 5 spoke. Matches the number of spokes on the rear. The SP1 is a 6 spoke. You have to remove the steering stops on the bottom yoke.
  11. I've subscribed to Rider magazine for years. I even got their leather jacket when they offered a life time subscription.
  12. How much did you get.? I got around 140HP with a PC custom tune, clipped soft rev limiter, Thortsen airbox, and Sato Bonzi's exhaust.
  13. Hello Rusty.  


    I'm writing to ask a question.  In late 2010 / 2011 I was part of the buy of Dan's (A&A) supercharger kit for the 6th gen.  In chatting with him while getting ready to purchase it, we were talking and he mentioned a couple of other VFRD members that were purchasing the kit.  For whatever reason, your name stuck in my memory.  There were a few others but I don't recall now who they were.  If I'm incorrect in that recollection, my apologies for bugging you.  At any rate, I had never gotten around to installing it and through some unfortunate circumstances sold it.  I was wondering if you might still have yours, maybe similar - something you never got around to diving in to.  If so and you would entertain a discussion about trading it, I would be interested. 


    Many thanks


    Curry Garvin









  14. I'm using the PIAA bulbs now. H7's and H4's. I like the white light better.
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