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  1. The money shots (I hope)...... Aparently prospective buyers in the Netherlands want OEM, so I give 'm OEM (as much as I can) Pity I sold the OEM rearsets and clutch master years ago). Underneath her clothes are a PowerCommanderV, K-Tech SSK, MOSFET RR, K&N airfilter, new Yuasa. Comes with pillion seat PM me if interested.
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  2. From the album: my VFRs

    © Lorne Black

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  3. Becaust the good ole USA got a model without a centrestand, and no doubt Honda would have to deal with a resulting liabile case. Thats the only reason I can think of.
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  4. I installed my Delkevic with the baffle removed, so I didn't appreciate the difference until I popped it back in. Without it, It sounded great at first, but on a long ride the drone would start to get annoying. I was surprised at how much difference the 'spud' made when on the bike. I still sounds good off the bike, but appears much less fatiguing on the bike with the helmet on at speed. Need to go on a longer ride to really get a good sense of it.
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  5. Just rode it some more, 51,500 and counting...
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