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  1. Stopped on the way home to mark a milestone...
  2. No, Pyramid Plastics. https://pyramid-plastics.co.uk/collections/headlight-protection/products/honda-vfr-800-f-headlight-cover-clear-2014
  3. Well it certainly feels like glass to me! I too have spent £20 on protectors, on the sites I've seen in UK they're over £1200 for the unit and it would only take one stone...
  4. The only difference I found is that the seat is slightly lower and narrower at the front, even on the higher setting, and the pegs are exactly the same so your knees have to bend a little more.
  5. Can't say I've noticed mine rattling but your picture of the cowl underside above has made me realise I've lost the front two rubber things (no.6 on the parts diagram)!
  6. I think the white wheels look great (would look even better on a red one!) but after owning two 1990s CBR600Fs with white wheels I know what an utter bastard they are to get and keep anywhere near clean on a bike that's used every day, so for me they would never be an option.
  7. Dropped the bloody thing wheeling it back into the garage, caught the back of my shirt on the handlebar of my mountain bike and it pulled me off balance. Fortunately it went towards me not away and I managed to stop it but still managed somehow to snap off the mirror stem. Managed to get a used replacement on ebay but couldn't get to the electric connectors without taking all the side plastics off, what a pain! All sorted now.
  8. The tapered bit under the shield looks original, so does the join to the body of the can so what I think they've done is left the front alone, cut off the back section just after the bracket, then cut off the end where the cap attaches and welded that back onto what was left.
  9. Rode it to work, first time this month I've actually been on site since we were locked down. It was a bit weird in the normally full staff car park...
  10. None of the extra bits, making plans for the footrests...
  11. New ones come with them even in the UK now, I believe. Mine didn't which saved me the trouble of removing them. One rear red one is the only legal requirement here, and that's just an obsolete law they haven't done away with as the legal reflector is tiny compared to 60 square inches of equally reflective yellow reg plate.
  12. 8th gen VFR AND Mozart Requiem? Sounds like heaven to me...
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