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  1. Congrats on the new bike! Black ones do indeed look good. Re the light on the heated grips, they've been replaced, maybe because the rubbers wore out and exposed the heating element (like mine) or maybe because they were damaged somehow. Honda changed the colour on the later years and those are the only spares you can get now so my light has also gone from red to green. The rim stickers are non-standard and, if you compare with the fairing etc, the earlier version of the VFR logo.
  2. Here in Essex too, especially this time of year. I saw a video of someone who hit one at speed on his Fireblade, split his visor, gave him vertebral whiplash damage and totalled his bike when it ended up in a ditch. PS, I love "brain-free pie-fillings", stealing that!
  3. A minimum of third-party insurance is compulsory in the UK so you're covered for damage you may do to other people who then claim against you, and it's extremely rare to find a company that will ensure you 'third-party only' instead of 'third-party, fire and theft' so most people in the UK would be covered if their bike is stolen, like the unfortunate HareBrain, or spontaneously bursts into flames.
  4. On the annual Essex Air Ambulance charity ride yesterday, Mr Honda not looking bad for 5 years and 40,000 miles. Shame the same can't be said for the bloke up top who is considerably older and higher mileage than that.
  5. I use these from Speedy Fasteners in the UK, work much better than the ones that just open out because they're closed at the top and bits don't snap off when they get old and the plastic hardens slightly. https://www.speedyfasteners.com/M6_6mm_Scrivet_Screw_Rivet_Fairing_Screws_p/sf191.htm
  6. Bronze is just fine for me. After living with two of these for 18 years I'll never have white wheels again until I'm not riding to work every day. They only ever looked clean when I'd just washed it, as soon as it dried they were accumulating grime again!
  7. I'm like Marvelicious, I don't do two-up either but I'm a huge fan of chain oilers, Scottoiler on my previous two VFRs and a Tutoro Automatic on the '14 (no cutting vacuum pipes). Original chain and sprockets going strong at 38,500 miles. Reservoir under the seat cowl, delivery pipe along chainguard and onto sprocket. I have pics if you want.
  8. Mark Harris on the UK VFR forum put a pre-VTEC 800Fi engine into his 6th gen a few years ago, still has the bike.
  9. Put back all the brake line brackets and bits I've taken off, de-rusted and resprayed black, then washed it. Looking OK for nearly 5 years old.
  10. I've had Arrow (not the same as yours), Scorpion and now Remus, all were a close fit over the collector and none of them needed the gasket. Never seen any drips but I'm guessing once you've been out and your engine is properly hot that won't be an issue.
  11. Here you go. Be gentle with the inner visor, it's easy to snap the tabs, and be aware it's not just the black section, the red (on my bike anyway) bits on each side are part of the same piece.
  12. Did you copy and paste from VFRWorld? 😉
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