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  1. long distance comfort

    For me the standard seat is more comfortable than the previous gen and is helped by being narrower at the front (like the whole bike). The seat is actually a bit lower, even on the high setting, but the footrests are the same, the end result for me being that my knees are a little more bent on the new one and take a bit more time to unwind at the end of a long ride. I'm 60 though, so that might be the same on a 6th gen now too!
  2. What did you do to your VFR Today?

    Washed it. It's red, I had forgotten...
  3. Swapped Sprint 1050 for VFR

  4. What did you do to your VFR Today?

    It's not a left-over from the 6th gen having the coolant bottle right there, is it? Edit; Just looked up the parts fiche for a 6th gen 2005 like wot I used to have, and the bolt isn't there...
  5. 2014 Lower Cowl (fairing)

    I know it's too late, but I dropped mine on some gravel at low speed and thanks to T-Rex my lower panel was untouched...
  6. Front Stand Recommendation

    I too have an Abba with fitting kits for VFR and 900SS (!) plus the front lifter add-on which allows you to get both wheels off the ground at the same time. Bought it originally for the Ducati because it only has a side stand but have now used it on all three of my VFRs (5th, 6th and 8th) and my brother's Yamaha Fazer as well as the 900SS. Great bit of kit.
  7. Do you wheelie your viffer?

    Not deliberately.
  8. Tires!

    I agree, I've just been through a set on my VFR but I was referring to Katie's Conti Road Attack 3s.
  9. Tires!

    They're so new that there isn't a lot of stock around here yet, will be interesting to hear what you think of them.
  10. Tires!

    I share your opinion about the older Bridgestones, I hated the BT20s and 21s, and because of that never tried the 23s but the guys where I I used to get tyres near my old office in London persuaded me to try the T30Evos and trust me, they are a huge improvement on their predecessors. I'd happily use them again if it came down to it. Loving the new Roadsmarts though!
  11. OEM Honda Hand Protectors!?

    Even stranger to find it there then!
  12. Buying advice - 8th gen

    Yes, remove rear seat, grab handles unbolt and come off, small plastic inserts bolt on to cover where they were, and the cowl clips on in place of the seat.
  13. OEM Honda Hand Protectors!?

    Maybe, like the picture of the rack immediately to the left, they're intended for the 800X?
  14. Buying advice - 8th gen

    As a Brit I didn't get the option but I'd buy ABS, heated grips and stand every time. Could live without the TCS. Don't regret upgrading from my 6th gen for an instant.

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