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  1. Put back all the brake line brackets and bits I've taken off, de-rusted and resprayed black, then washed it. Looking OK for nearly 5 years old.
  2. I've had Arrow (not the same as yours), Scorpion and now Remus, all were a close fit over the collector and none of them needed the gasket. Never seen any drips but I'm guessing once you've been out and your engine is properly hot that won't be an issue.
  3. Here you go. Be gentle with the inner visor, it's easy to snap the tabs, and be aware it's not just the black section, the red (on my bike anyway) bits on each side are part of the same piece.
  4. Did you copy and paste from VFRWorld? 😉
  5. Neat but illegal over here due to the lack of a reflector. Odd isn't it? You have to have orange ones on the sides and forks, we don't but still have to have a red rear one (despite now having enormous reflective yellow rear air-brakes masquerading as registration plates!).
  6. Alternatively might there be a way to attach it to the leg of the stand instead of the pipe?
  7. It's the rear headers heat shield from the right hand side. Not too bad to remove, first you need to undo one bolt at the top, the bolt holding the rear brake fluid reservoir and the two footrest hanger bolts. That enables you to swing everything out far enough to get a spanner onto the nuts on the ends of the two bolts that go though the upper footrest hanger holding the rear brake cylinder to release the shield. These...
  8. Had this off. Not too bad considering it's been through four salty British winters and the inside face is no worse. I've seen others which are much worse but I did cover it in ACF50 when it was new. I'll get it cleaned up and resprayed before it goes back.
  9. Mine does that if there's slight pressure on the gear lever, like you've changed up and left your boot underneath it lifting it slightly rather than releasing it completely. As Grum says, it always sorts itself out quickly when it redoes its calculations.
  10. I used to have a similar problem in the car park at my previous job if I didn't stop with my engine over the sensor.
  11. Try... You know that term in astronomy, when something's moving so incredibly fast that it appears to change colour because the wavelength of the light coming from it is stretched into a different part of the spectrum? Well, they don't call it 'Yellow Shift', now do they?
  12. It is indeed 'Victory Red', also used on CBR600Fs and Fireblades.
  13. If it had black I think they were possibly from a Crossrunner, I'm not aware that VFRs ever came with black wheels anywhere. Unless you mean that some misguided soul had painted the bronze ones black.
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