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  1. fatshoutybloke

    Just my luck. T-Rex no cut frame slider FAIL

    I've posted before that I've 'tested' these on gravel at 10-15mph and they worked exactly as you'd hope they would, I needed a new slider obviously but the mount didn't move at all (and there's only a couple of mm between it and the corner of the fairing, as you know). It'll be interesting to see whet T-Rex say about yours.
  2. fatshoutybloke

    What did you do to your VFR Today?

    Replaced the front calipers which had been suffering from tinfoil piston rot syndrome going into their 5th British winter of road salt. Bought a pair secondhand on eBay off a 2014 Fireblade which are identical and had them rebuilt with new seals etc. by Powerhouse Automotive here in the UK using stainless pistons. Refitted using OE Honda pads and titanium banjos and pad pins. Sweet!
  3. fatshoutybloke

    May Need a Gen 8 Now

    You're forgetting the algorithm by which you calculate the number of bikes you should have. N+1 where N=the number of bikes you currently possess.
  4. fatshoutybloke


    Continental RoadAttack3 went on today replacing Dunlop Roadsmart3 which have been excellent. Thought I'd try something different, I'll let you know what I think...
  5. fatshoutybloke

    Rear wheel too tight

    And now we're the generation that has to do exactly that to ourselves every morning as soon as we get out of bed, and for exactly the same reason.
  6. fatshoutybloke

    Rear wheel too tight

    This is a weird one, right enough. I agree with Grum, take the wheel off and eliminate it from your enquiries. Then do the same to the caliper.
  7. fatshoutybloke

    8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    I've had NZCAM's excellent tail tidy on my bike for nearly three years now and it's absolutely fine except for the reflective tape with the cool VFR logo. The rain had finally got in there, the red background had discoloured and the tape was lifting at the ends. Ridiculously, the annual MoT test in the UK still requires a red reflector even with 60+ square inches of reflective number plate so regrettably it had to go. I was lucky to find on the net a 1cm by 10cm reflector which just goes in the gap nicely without having to adjust the plate position and doesn't overlap at the ends too much. Looks OK, I think.
  8. fatshoutybloke

    Picture Thread

    Last Sunday on the Helicopter Air Ambulance fundraiser ride to Harwich on the East Coast.
  9. fatshoutybloke

    VFR800F - Fork seal protectors install

    I tried to fit a pair of Triumph ones very similar but I found they made contact with the oil cooler when the forks were compressed so I went back to the neoprene tube type.
  10. fatshoutybloke

    Hot weather fuel problem?

    Yes, hasn't happened again... yet.
  11. fatshoutybloke

    Hot weather fuel problem?

    Definitely fuel, smells very strongly of petrol but I'm not going to try igniting it to make sure! Thumbs, yes, it was the smell that made me go looking under the tank.
  12. fatshoutybloke

    Hot weather fuel problem?

    Hi Grum, thanks for the reply. I've checked everything back there, the pump and tubes at the back of the tank are all dry. I'm re-checking the breathers...
  13. fatshoutybloke

    Hot weather fuel problem?

    Hi all. Got a problem which is puzzling me, in the heatwave we're having here in the UK at the moment (I know lots of you across the pond will be amused at the thought of consistent high-20s/low-30s C being a heatwave but we're not used to it in our little islands) my bike has started to leave a film of fuel on top of the airbox when it's hot. No evidence of leakage when the bike's just standing but when I return from a ride and leave the bike for a while, if I lift the tank the foam stuck to the underside is wet and so is the top of the plastic air filter box. I've no idea where it's coming from. I thought it might be the heat building up pressure in the tank but I've checked the breather - blown down the pipe OK, fitted a spare pipe and blown up into the tank OK and out with the cap open. Also checked the drain hose just in case, it drains from the filler cap surround and out onto the ground as it should. I wipe it down, leave the tank propped up and it dries out until the next time. Any ideas?
  14. fatshoutybloke

    Steve Rapp's 8th Gen Tribute to '85 VF1000R

    RC30 version...
  15. fatshoutybloke

    Glare On Instruments

    I don't find it a problem but maybe I'm a different height and set of dimensions so my face is in a different place and at a different angle?

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