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  1. My rear rotor is fine but I've already repainted the front one a couple of times, nothing seems to last, so I'm going to do the same as I've done with the rear heat shield. I've bought a second-hand one from a broken bike on eBay, will strip, rust proof and respray. The finish on the shield which has lasted best is brake caliper paint so I'm going to give that a try on the front rotor as well.
  2. If you mean this one, these were made by NZCam in Australia but I don't believe he's doing any more production runs now he's sold out. The reflector was simply a piece of reflective tape with the VFR overprint but after a couple of years on mine water had got behind it and it peeled off so I've had to replace it with a 'normal' reflector anyway, I got a 1cmx10cm one on ebay.
  3. Cruising the shires yesterday with the Honda Owners Club. Bike's not looking bad for six years old and 46,000 miles.
  4. Rode it to the picturesque village of Finchingfield, well known to bikers in the East of England, with the Honda Owners Club Essex Branch in the Sunday sun! Photo by Toni Teuntje Harris
  5. Stopped on the way home to mark a milestone...
  6. Dropped the bloody thing wheeling it back into the garage, caught the back of my shirt on the handlebar of my mountain bike and it pulled me off balance. Fortunately it went towards me not away and I managed to stop it but still managed somehow to snap off the mirror stem. Managed to get a used replacement on ebay but couldn't get to the electric connectors without taking all the side plastics off, what a pain! All sorted now.
  7. Rode it to work, first time this month I've actually been on site since we were locked down. It was a bit weird in the normally full staff car park...
  8. Going into Brit mode here... Would you sodding believe it!!! 30 days after the above, another one. A three-quarter-inch razor-edged piece of flint carved it's way into my less than 400-mile-old rear Road 5. BOLLOX!!!!
  9. Bought a Michelin Road5 for the back end after coming home from work on Friday, wheeling it back into the garage and noticing this. Couldn't get it plugged because the screw hadn't gone in straight so it was more of a tear than a hole, plus it's illegal to repair Z-rated tyres in the UK. The Road5 was all I could get at the time so I've had to swallow my (maybe unwarranted) dislike of Michelins brought on by the poor performance of the Pilot Road 4 on my 8th gen and give their latest offering a chance, though I admit I loved the Pilot Road 3 I had on my 6th gen. Hopefully it won't complain too
  10. That puts a bit of perspective on stuff. Good luck, stay safe!
  11. To be fair, I've worked there five and a half years now and it's the first time I've ever seen it like that. Smoking's banned outside the designated areas, as it's an airport they're very strict on that!
  12. We're a load of rough, tough, all-weather bikers where I work, obviously. It had been raining a bit, but...
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