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  1. Mine does that if there's slight pressure on the gear lever, like you've changed up and left your boot underneath it lifting it slightly rather than releasing it completely. As Grum says, it always sorts itself out quickly when it redoes its calculations.
  2. I used to have a similar problem in the car park at my previous job if I didn't stop with my engine over the sensor.
  3. Try... You know that term in astronomy, when something's moving so incredibly fast that it appears to change colour because the wavelength of the light coming from it is stretched into a different part of the spectrum? Well, they don't call it 'Yellow Shift', now do they?
  4. It is indeed 'Victory Red', also used on CBR600Fs and Fireblades.
  5. If it had black I think they were possibly from a Crossrunner, I'm not aware that VFRs ever came with black wheels anywhere. Unless you mean that some misguided soul had painted the bronze ones black.
  6. What Grum said, improvements everywhere. 34000 miles came up on my way in to work this morning and I don't regret changing up at all. Narrower, lighter, better handling, fixed electrics, more gadgets, lower fuel consumption, etc, etc.
  7. I've posted before that I've 'tested' these on gravel at 10-15mph and they worked exactly as you'd hope they would, I needed a new slider obviously but the mount didn't move at all (and there's only a couple of mm between it and the corner of the fairing, as you know). It'll be interesting to see whet T-Rex say about yours.
  8. Replaced the front calipers which had been suffering from tinfoil piston rot syndrome going into their 5th British winter of road salt. Bought a pair secondhand on eBay off a 2014 Fireblade which are identical and had them rebuilt with new seals etc. by Powerhouse Automotive here in the UK using stainless pistons. Refitted using OE Honda pads and titanium banjos and pad pins. Sweet!
  9. You're forgetting the algorithm by which you calculate the number of bikes you should have. N+1 where N=the number of bikes you currently possess.
  10. Continental RoadAttack3 went on today replacing Dunlop Roadsmart3 which have been excellent. Thought I'd try something different, I'll let you know what I think...
  11. And now we're the generation that has to do exactly that to ourselves every morning as soon as we get out of bed, and for exactly the same reason.
  12. This is a weird one, right enough. I agree with Grum, take the wheel off and eliminate it from your enquiries. Then do the same to the caliper.
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