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  1. thanks guys ill try track one down. Grum i did contact the owner he didn't accept my offer unfortunately i only had 10k and he wasn't budging lol. thanks for replies
  2. Hi All i last owned a 6 gen in 2011 and am looking at getting back on the vfr 8th Gen. As they are no longer sold, it is hard to hop on one to check it out. I'm 6"4 all arms and legs, i don't remember ever having comfort issues on the 6th gen but the reviews say the 8th gen is more cramped. i am a healthy 48 year old body wise no aches or pains yet lol. but i do consider comfort to be important factor going forward as this will be my last bike for a long time i am envisioning. my question is - is it much different to the 6th gen and what is cost of bar risers and lowering kit if needed. thanks Brad
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