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Is this a good deal?

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I have a chance to buy a 2014 VFR800 with 3,100 miles on it for $6,200.00. Is this a good deal, should I jump on it? I had a gen 6 but sold it about four years ago. I'm getting the itch again and want to try something different hence the gen 8. I really like the exhaust thats on it, it's in between the longer ones that still cover up the wheel and really short ones that look kind of funny even though they do uncover the wheel completely and you can remove the panniers, so I won't have the immediate $400.00 or so hit right off the bat (the stock exhaust is hideous). Could possibly remove that bracket and still get rid of the panniers has anyone done that and the exhaust still be rigid enough? Also how wide is a gen 8? The room I want to keep it in only has a 32 inch wide (clear opening) door, would it fit? Do the mirrors fold in? Thanks in advance.

side view.jpg

werkes usa.jpg

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I'm not seeing a center stand - not a Deluxe?  Keep in mind that a shorter can may have a raspier note or tone than a longer can.  To each their own.  The only context I can offer was last year before the lockdown a local dealer had a 2014 in red with just about every accessory offered for 8th gens - full luggage / top case, hugger, Deluxe, bar risers, custom seat, power outlet for heated gear, lowered pegs - the works.  Had about 6,000 miles.  Asking price was $8,500.  I almost bot it, but just don't have the space for a 3rd bike. 

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I paid 6k in Oct 19 for a 14 with 600 miles on it. 

The mirrors do fold in. 

I would try to go about 750 lower... but that's just me

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Seems like a decent deal to me, but I'm no expert on used bike values, especially these days when things are kind of skewed due to unusual supply and demand.


I think I see a frame slider on the right side.  Assuming it has a mate on the left side, that adds a little value - and a little width.  But if the width is a problem I would guess they can be removed.


That Werkes exhaust looks good, but might be a little loud for some people's taste.  At least there are affordable options out there if you end up not liking it.

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Thanks for the replies I went ahead and got it yesterday so I am officially a member of the club again 🙂. Waiting for my son to wake up and help me unload it.

2014 VFR.jpg

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