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  1. I was on the fence about the quick shifter myself, the cost mainly, I finally pulled the trigger on it and am glad I did. Makes the driving experience totally different in a good way. If I had known how much better it would be I would have paid double for it. I will never have another bike without one. As Skids said in his post above "It's bloody good fun". 🙂
  2. I used this TECHMOUNT STEERING STEM MOUNT KIT - UNIVERSAL 5-10105. It comes with a bunch of sleeves and one of them will fit in the VFR's center tube, it doesn't fit quite tight enough though so I wrapped one or two wraps of electrical tape around it and then it snugged right up.
  3. Since bringing my new to me 2014 VFR800f home, It was dead stock with only 3,100 miles on it except for the frame sliders and the Werks exhaust. I was afraid the exhaust might be too loud but it is not at all. I added the following: Honda OEM tire hugger Progrip 719 RVGS Gel Grips Techmount cell phone mount Motopumps 1.25" bar riser blocks BLS foot peg lowering blocks and last but not least a Honda OEM quick shifter. First time I've had a bike with a quick shifter, this thing is better than sliced bread. I will never have a motorcycle without one again. I was a little reticent because of the price but it's well worth the money. I also really like the Techmount cell phone holder, most people seem to use the RAM mounts but I just didn't like they way they look. The Techmount is to me a more simple cleaner design.
  4. Thanks for the replies I went ahead and got it yesterday so I am officially a member of the club again 🙂. Waiting for my son to wake up and help me unload it.
  5. I have a chance to buy a 2014 VFR800 with 3,100 miles on it for $6,200.00. Is this a good deal, should I jump on it? I had a gen 6 but sold it about four years ago. I'm getting the itch again and want to try something different hence the gen 8. I really like the exhaust thats on it, it's in between the longer ones that still cover up the wheel and really short ones that look kind of funny even though they do uncover the wheel completely and you can remove the panniers, so I won't have the immediate $400.00 or so hit right off the bat (the stock exhaust is hideous). Could possibly remove that bracket and still get rid of the panniers has anyone done that and the exhaust still be rigid enough? Also how wide is a gen 8? The room I want to keep it in only has a 32 inch wide (clear opening) door, would it fit? Do the mirrors fold in? Thanks in advance.
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