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  1. Hello everyone! I wanted to share my story of becoming a VFR owner and some of my early struggles. I started to browse this forum as soon as I understood that my next purchase will be a 6th gen VFR – a noticeable upgrade from my humble Honda NTV ’93, which I loved, but felt the need to upgrade for sport-touring type of vehicle. At the very start I set my eyes on the 5th gen model, since I liked the sound of gear driven cams, riding comfort and the looks. Which is why I searched everywhere for one and since I’m from Latvia, “Everywhere” meant nearby countries and Germany. While I was still figuring out my finances, one popped up 70km from my hometown, but since I wasn’t able to buy it outright, I pitched the idea to my friend, who was aiming for a 6th gen at a time. We went to check it out and he bought this beauty with 30k kilometers on the clock: Now he is in love with it and it’s understandable – great motorcycle in perfect shape. Afterwards I got a chance to work overtime and earn the much needed cash for trading up – the hunt for my new bike was on! While looking around I was still mainly interested in owning a blue 2001 VFR800, which looks great in this color and has no choke lever or bulky mirrors. But since budget had grown and I could afford to spend 4000 EUR on my new ride (that includes selling my old girl), I started to take liking to the 6th gen models – that rear end is juicy 😄 After three weeks of searching, one popped up in Lithuania, 140km from my home – it was right on the budget, leaving me nothing for unexpected expenses, but boy was it mint.. This 2003’ blue beauty had only 14K kilometers on the clock, no rust, OEM side luggage and aftermarket windscreen. Test ride was rough, since it had been raining, but I felt out what I could and even tried out the VTEC system, since way too many people have complained of it being to rough on 2002 model. (side note, after a couple months of riding my VFR, I can confidently say that I love the VTEC transition – it is addicting and makes me smile) Even though I had some doubts about this bike being heavier and bulkier than my starter motorcycle and a slight worry about maintenance since I’d have to disassemble the fairings, which was a first for me – I pulled the trigger and bought it. Purchase was made in July, so I decided to just change the oil, oil filter and enjoy the season. Fairing removal was very scary for the first few times 😄 The only upgrade I had to do was purchasing a PUIG attachable windshield extension, since I was getting pummeled by turbulence. While it was expensive, it improved the riding comfort immensely. First few months were slightly worrying since I was now in completely different riding position and the bike hadn’t broken me in yet – I had back aches and was even contemplating selling it if nothing changed. Luckily I got used to my new partner and had an amazing fall season. In late autumn I prepared the bike for storage approximately 5 times since I kept pushing the season longer 😄 But after winter came I parked it for good and started to make a to-do list for maintenance. I knew about wiring issues which were present before 2006 so I ordered the VFRness. An expensive but necessary upgrade. I think I paid like 160 EUR total to get it shipped to me. Also I couldn’t look at my fork dust seals for they had cracks in them from prolonged storage (14k of riding for a 03’ motorcycle has it’s downsides). Wiring in general had to be refreshed buy cleaning all the accessible connectors. While working on a stripped bike and adding the VFRness I noticed many damaged rubber grommets so they had to go. What also reared it’s ugly head, was the fact that my bike had been in a collision which damaged the plastic mounts on my speedometer. Now I knew why it had a fancy new windshield.. So I kept working on refreshing or fixing everything I found to be less than perfect and after adding the switchable circuit VFRness I started to wonder on what accessories could I add and how to mount them. Which is when I found out about the elusive HISS bracket 😄 Why elusive you ask? Because the only guy who makes them, doesn’t ship to my country.. So I made one for myself using Fusion 360 Once the bracket was mounted, I had to fill the new mounting sockets with something 😄 So I bought a gear indicator from AliExpress and a Voltmeter / USB charger (both light up in green so they match). A friend helped me to 3D print a holder for the gear indicator and did a terrific job of it: After adding both VRFness and HISS bracket, I opted to also install heated grips, but in the cheap way 😄 I ordered a kit from AliExpress which had to be modified to fit, but I am used to soldering so it was fine. (These are only useful on high setting, but they do help a lot when I’m riding off season – 5 degrees Celsius is perfectly fine for me now). While at it, I also added aftermarket levers and figured out a way to fit a RAM mount. I took the idea from this forum, but had to make my own ball mount since original one was too low and I risked damaging paint on my gas tank. I also decided to strip paint from my bar-ends 😄 And that’s all folks – now I am already sneaking in a few spring rides in anticipation of an approaching new season which will no doubt bring me many great memories with my mates and my beloved motorcycle 🙂
  2. 2007 Honda VFR800 for sale with less than 6,800 miles! I am the 2nd owner. The bike was dropped by the first owner, apparently while stationary, cosmetic damage only (see photos). I am moving overseas so I must part with my beloved. - Oil: changed about 800 miles ago with full synthetic. - Coolant: changed about 800 miles ago. - New Yuasa battery about 800 miles ago. - Tires: Front looks good, rear is not bad but a replacement should be on your radar. - Leo Vince slip ons - Power commander - Battery Tender quick connect - Center stand - Tags good until October 2022, title in hand $5k. Pick up in Seattle area.
  3. So curious question for someone that has acces to both bikes and would be willing to test this for me. I am wondering if the seats are interchangeable between the 5th and 6th gen models. The reason for this is that there have been mutliple custom gel VTEC seats available near me. But not a single 5th gen seat. And I'd love to have one. Hope someone can help me with my inquiry 😄
  4. I recently acquired a low mileage 2007 VFR with a Two Brothers Racing 4-to-1 exhaust system (mufflers and mid-pipe). However I'm a middle guy with plenty of hearing loss who lives in the suburbs, so I switched back to the quieter OEM mufflers. With this system, the left muffler is not used but included to maintain symmetry, could be used for storage. It sounds great and is considerably lighter than the OEM system. It's very easy to install, attaches at the same points of the OEM system and re-uses the OEM hardware. I'm asking $150 and whatever shipping costs from Central Virginia. I can make myself available for pickup as well. Thank You.
  5. I recently purchased a 2007 VFR that came with an unopened Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen, dark smoke. It's 18.5" high, 15" wide (measured straight across), or 21" wide measuring across the surface. I'm happy with the stock windscreen and would rather sell this to someone who would use it. Besides, I could always use the cash.
  6. Version 1.0


    This is the same manual that was available here on VFRD. I noticed it was missing from the downloads section and wanted to replace it. Optimized the file size so that it is only 65 MB. Ran OCR text recognition to enable text searches on the entire book.
  7. View File Scan of 6th Gen Grabrail Spacer for 3D Printing This is a two part file for a hard to find part for the OEM luggage kit of a 6th Gen VFR. The official Honda part numbers are, 08L41-MCW-80012 and 08L41-MCW-800123. The file provided is a 3D scan of an original piece and duplicated/mirrored so a left and right can be created. The printer I contracted with used an elastomer plastic that is very flexible and a bit soft which is required otherwise the piece won't seat and mold correctly. You can view the thread in detail here: 6genrailspacer3D.zip Submitter Calculon Submitted 05/07/20 Category Owners Manuals and other
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a two part file for a hard to find part for the OEM luggage kit of a 6th Gen VFR. The official Honda part numbers are, 08L41-MCW-80012 and 08L41-MCW-800123. The file provided is a 3D scan of an original piece and duplicated/mirrored so a left and right can be created. The printer I contracted with used an elastomer plastic that is very flexible and a bit soft which is required otherwise the piece won't seat and mold correctly. You can view the thread in detail here: 6genrailspacer3D.zip
  9. From the album: Urbanes VFR Shots

    After a 3 month hiatus I finally got back to the VFR's headlight modifications. Got both Demon Eyes, Angel Eyes, and housings mounted up. Just need to nut and bolt mount the other projector and I'll be able to seal these up for sanding and clear coating. Pic #2 shows how worn out the headlights are. Store your damned motorcycles inside, or at least under a cover
  10. From the album: 6th Gen Cutaway Engine

    Found this nice piece of artwork while doing some research. All rights to original owner.
  11. Hi all and welcome to my blog hope you all enjoy..... So its been 12 years since owning a motorcycle and now I have a well used and reasonable well looked after 2005 Pearl Heron Blue VFR800. I've only test ridden a few liter sport bikes once I got off my provisional license way back when but this is my first time owning something other then a 250cc. You'll have to forgive the no doubt sometimes novice remarks and just remember I'm just a fellow enthusiast not a MotoGP rider . After close to a week and close enough to 200klms under my belt on it I've had time to notice things in some more detail. I can not nor am complaining with a bike that cost $3200 Aussie bucks that is in this condition but there are thing that need to change at some point and thing I may need to get use too, especially considering I've been out of the saddle for so long. For the very first photos i took of her please check out my post "G'day from Perth" in the welcome section, there are a couple of camera phone photos in there. For the riding part the first thing that got my attention is the grips, they feel a little thin to me and after about an hour I seemed to be getting a bit of vibration through the bars but it only effected my right hand really. My left leg was feeling a bit cramped at around the hour mark as well. Throttle transitions from off/on at lower revs seems to be a bit of a dice roll in regards to how smooth it will be. Need to look at the clutch take-up/friction point as it feels very late and embarrassingly i maybe riding it a little at take off ( Its been a long time...) Finally the older orange/amber indicators annoy me only because I've seen the updated ones from the 06/07 on-wards models and the pair valve is starting to grate me a little hearing in open and close. I am kind of happy about the noise/note from the rider point of view with the bike but standing next to it the factory system doesn't do the V4 justice. Loving the noise (although muted some what) especially when VTEC kicks in, also finding the bike surprisingly easy to ride. I like the combined braking and the stability of the bike in general, to me its like a mirror in that if you ride lazy it will feel a little on the big/heavy side like it is lazy bike it self but once you start to apply force in your riding it starts to shrink under you and come alive. My very limit previous experience/memory's are that even the liter sport bikes I test rode and a couple of mates 600s didn't feel so broad in there character. After the couple of rides I've had now i'm super glad to be back on a bike, what i was missing in getting nods and waves from friendly motorcyclists and really happy to get the model I've wanted for quite sometime. Below is a photo I took parked at Mosman Park on Curtin avenue earlier this afternoon, Indian Ocean in the back ground. It was a beautiful day 26*c nothing but blue skies, 64% Humidity and a cool breeze coming straight of the Indian Ocean. (photo was on the phone..) Cheers.
  12. From the album: Texas Rides

    My wife kept hitting me in the shoulder, reminding me to take some pictures of the Texas Bluebonnets on the way home from Johnson City on Hwy 71. Well we stopped AND I got the pictures! Ain't she pretty!! P.S. I did get some shots of me and the wife in them Bluebonnets too but didn't think you wanted to see those....
  13. Hi there Guys, Looking to get into the nitty gritty with the suspension on my 2004 VFR800. I mostly ride on the street (rough Canadian roads) with 1 -2 track days a year. Due to my size and weight (5'8" and 135lbs) I find that the bike is actually over-sprung in the rear and takes alot of commanding to turn at low speeds. I also wanted to add some more adjustability to the front forks as they seem under valved( harsh) So far I have purchased a set of F4 or F4i forks (cannot tell due to being very similar but could be .66kg or .77 kg springs) along with a very good condition set of 4 pot calipers. These will need to be re-sprung! but I'm unsure as the best way to do the calculations for the increase, (race-tech shows vfr800 with my weight should be .86 kg springs, but when using vfr weight on the CBR600F4i calculator it recommends .95 kg springs( seems too stiff) If the .86 is the correct calculation is it possible to use the VFR800 springs in the F4 forks? (using the preload spacer to accommodate for slight length variations) Also Any recommendations about Valves? Racetech? Ohlins? DIY??( I have herd of polishing the pistons and making your own stacks but dont know the science) I would also contemplate sending the valves to DM for upgrade( forks are currently disassembled) My next questions relate to the rear shock, My expectations is that the F4i rear shock will also be the replacement for the VFR stocker. Are there any higher performance shocks that could be fitted the the VFR? 600RR 1000RR GSXR1000? or do all these newer designs have fitment issues? If i am to use the F4 rear shock as the best inexpensive starting point Again what is the best way to calculate spring rate, some results from Racetech show the stock 14.3 kg unit as acceptable for my weight, other times it says its too much????? Once a spring is chosen, what should be done for valves? Racetech?, diy?, send to DM? Open to any suggestions or ideas to improve the ride and performance! Thanks in Advanced!
  14. I made one of these for one of my project bikes and it turned out so well, I thought I might offer them here to other VFR folks. By installing this part, you combine an aesthetic wheel plug which nicely dresses up the wheel face, with a Delrin slider on the hub side which serves to protect the expensive and sometimes difficult to replace hub nut and hub. Earlier today I made a second set for my VTEC using black Delrin and aluminum, for the sake of taking pictures and possibly gaining interest in a production run. Production parts would likely see the wheel plug become flush or almost flush with the wheel surface, and available bare or with a clear, silver, or black VFR logo decal. Hub sliders would be available in black or white, or special order blue. I'm wondering just how many folks here would be interested in a product like this?? Price would likely be in the $130-160 range. Here are some photos, please excuse the state of my horribly neglected VFR! I am also working on fork sliders of similar design and coloring.
  15. keny

    IMG 5560

    From the album: Anything goes!

    6th gen in parking
  16. From the album: Texas Rides

    Coming home from the Texas Hill Country and had to snap a photo! beautiful ride!
  17. CasualSwede


    From the album: 2007 RWB

    Couldn't resist lining up my 6th gen behind my 4th gen.
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