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  1. I recently acquired a low mileage 2007 VFR with a Two Brothers Racing 4-to-1 exhaust system (mufflers and mid-pipe). However I'm a middle guy with plenty of hearing loss who lives in the suburbs, so I switched back to the quieter OEM mufflers. With this system, the left muffler is not used but included to maintain symmetry, could be used for storage. It sounds great and is considerably lighter than the OEM system. It's very easy to install, attaches at the same points of the OEM system and re-uses the OEM hardware. I'm asking $150 and whatever shipping costs from Central Virginia. I can make myself available for pickup as well. Thank You.
  2. Howdy, I recently purchased a 2007 VFR that came with Two Brothers mufflers and a mid-pipe. It's a 4-to-1 system but has both mufflers to preserve symmetry. The left muffle isn't used. but could be storage for tools, registration, etc. It sounds great, but I need to swap back to the OEM mufflers to preserve my remaining hearing. It's my understanding the OEM mufflers are fairly quiet. I'm located in Central Virginia. Send me a message if you're interested and we'll work out the details. Thank You, Matt
  3. I recently purchased a 2007 VFR that came with an unopened Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen, dark smoke. It's 18.5" high, 15" wide (measured straight across), or 21" wide measuring across the surface. I'm happy with the stock windscreen and would rather sell this to someone who would use it. Besides, I could always use the cash.
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