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  1. Mind you, Ago raced on Aermacchi, not Gilera... Maybe I should look for a Simoncelli lid.... 😎
  2. Lovely day for it "Don't pay the ferryman" (cos it is free...) Some of them are out of season.... Had a look at an AGV Legend, but the L too tight and XL too loose.... (I have an ARAI head... 😪)
  3. Euro 300 Located in the Netherlands Contact me if you ewant the seller's details... As I'm busy with the Gilera and donot want to invest in new brake rotors (3.1mm vs 3.5mm minimum), chain sprockets. Nor the time to clean up the metal parts and brake caliper pistons... LCD dash no worky
  4. After 2 years outside under a tarp, fresh battery hooked up, one dab on the starter... VID-20191026-WA0014.mp4
  5. Dutchy

    Polish Forrest

    nice reference to Honda's NR on the side panel!
  6. Blast from the past.............
  7. Well, that sorted out your portion of bad luck for a while (I hope)...... You are alive in good health; priceless!!!
  8. Perhaps this rendering will look better....
  9. The engine with the matching #'s to the frame has some "experience"...
  10. I might go the yellow film route at some point.....
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