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  1. Hi TimC, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. The weather here in NE Ohio is starting to really turn. I rode to Cleveland and back the last couple nights, and Monday the temp as I got home dipped down to 40. We'll still have a few decent days in the 50s where I can get a good ride in, if I'm free one of those days. I'm hoping to get at least one more long day in, but if I don't it's still been a good riding season!
  3. Great tips above. I would add that in doing research on any particular bike and its potential issues/what to watch out for, you should make a list of bikes of similar vintage, condition, and mileage for sale (or recently sold) - ideally in your area or region - and the final sale price if you have a good idea what is was. You'll likely know when someone is obviously asking for an incredibly high or low price, so approach the offer or sale accordingly. Cycle Trader, Craigslist, and eBay are decent tools, as are model-specific internet forums (like VFRD) that have classified sections with bikes for sale by owners (like VFRD). Like Zupatun said though, don't be a dick about haggling. If someone wants an insane amount for their used bike, you might say you've done some research and $x,xxx is more realistic, and you're willing to offer $x,xxx. It's good to have too much information than too little to make sure you don't get ripped off. Also, sellers should be aware most minor mods are not going to net big increases in resale value. A full set of after-market pipes might increase the bike's value, but a set of chrome-plated car ends, not so much. You can take these things into account as a buyer, but again you should be educated enough to know when you should consider a higher offer or sale price according to the whole bike, not some individual farkle. BTW, I'd also watch out for unwanted mods that might say more about the owner and how the bike was ridden or even abused. Asking why the seller is selling the bike can be a good idea. It might help clue you in a bit about how motivated the seller is, and could influence your offer and the final sale price. (But again, don't be a dork!) One more thing: When I bought my VFR (which was listed in Cycle Trader), I met the seller at his home. The bike was pristine with low miles. And the seller's other vehicles were a great indication the bike had been treated properly. His car, IIRC, was a spotless VW GTI and his wife's was a new or newer Honda Accord, also in excellent condition. The more you can tell about a seller, the more confidence you'll have about the item for sale.
  4. And it looks even better in person!
  5. TimC


    Great photo! :smile:
  6. TimC

    VFR SF 1

    As others said above, I would never have guessed this bike is at least 15 years old. It looks brand new. Congrats on the best VFR streetfighter most of us have ever seen! :fing02: Also, as others said, if Honda offered this bike for sale, I would buy it.
  7. I bought a used ZG double bubble from another VFRD member several years ago and tried it for a short time. The fitment wasn't perfect and I couldn't tell that much difference from the stock screen, so I went back to the stocker. I'm tempted to try another screen, but I know I'll always be OK with the stock windshield.
  8. Glad to see the slider did its job. It stinks to go down, but at least you were spared major damage by your wise investment. Kudos!
  9. TimC

    IMG 1047

    Nice! That's one of the best looking 5th gens I've ever seen. Actually, one of the nicest looking VFRs, period.
  10. I've had a Sargent (w/CarbonFX and red welt) on my '04 for over 5 years and 50k miles. I bought it during a group buy in the spring of '07. It's been terrific and I love the looks, but I think it's about time for new padding, as lately it feels like the edges are digging into the backs of my thighs. That's probably something I'll have done during the next off-season, unless it gets so bad I can't stand it anymore this year.
  11. Great and very funny how-to, Olive! Thanks for sharing it with us. My biggest fear is dropping one of the screws. I got a magnet set from Sears a couple years ago to magnetize the screwdriver tip, and it works pretty well. No sudden movements though, otherwise I think the dang screw would still drop off the end!
  12. Looking good IMO. :fing02: The only negative to V4s are that they usually do not make for clean-looking naked bikes. Too many hoses and wires, etc. compared to twins and inline 4s. I'm sure they could be designed to be more sleek when nude, but VFRs have mostly been full-fairing bikes. Still, I think that raw look with exposed bits is one bonus to a streetfighter. Looking forward to seeing more, Shane. :smile:
  13. Not planning any mods for the winter months - unless I happen to find a nice used set of CF cans for sale (that are compatible with the OEM hardbag brackets). Since my friend and I just did most routine maintenance (all fluids, new chain & sprockets, etc.) in March I normally wouldn't need to do much this off-season, but I rode a ton of miles this year, so I'm thinking I'll have to do more than usual. Stuff that I'd usually do every other year I might have to do now instead. *sighs* I guess that's the price you pay for getting a lot of riding in during one year. :wink: I do have a complete set of brake pads waiting to be installed, and I know that's one thing I need for sure. Would like to install a good set of grip warmers soon, too. My season isn't over just yet but I'd like to clean up my bike before winterizing it next month, and will likely wait 'til spring to do everything else.
  14. Amen, Veefer. :fing02: If you're going to 'reply' to posts, edit the post you're quoting so it contains just the passage to which you are responding. This goes double for posts with pix - especially more than one pic! :dry: BTW, I like it when members state in their thread titles or subtitles that their post is "pic heavy". That way if I'm just giving the site a quick browse I know to wait to check out the thread when I have more time available.
  15. Just an update/FYI - I bought a used 6th gen OEM shock last fall and had Jamie rebuild and re-spring it for my weight. Turned out great! A buddy and I installed it last month and, coupled with heavier fork springs and oil, my VFR finally handles like a sportbike - even with my fat arse on it! :fing02:
  16. Looks good. All that's missing is a nice Marsee tankbag. :fing02: Please post up a real-life pic when you have time. :fing02:
  17. TimC


    Red is my favorite color, and the color of my 6th gen, but this orange is my 2nd favorite color ever for a VFR - tho yellow runs a close 3rd. :fing02: The forks and exhaust can look awesome on this, too.
  18. I bought a used ZG DB from a fellow VFRD member a couple years ago. I finally swapped out the OEM windshield for it awhile back but didn't like the fit of the ZG compared to the OEM. Because of that and since I couldn't tell too much of a difference between the two at various speeds I re-installed the OEM. The ZG is sitting in a box if I ever change my mind.
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