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  1. First, good on you for finding the failed starter relay connections. Many owners have already replaced the stator, rec/reg, and battery before noticing it was the culprit. So, yes, you should inspect and open & clean every connector on your bike. Pay particular attention to the connector on the alternator feed harness, and at the rec/reg. If you are feeling adventurous you could remove the alternator cover and check the condition of the stator. Any blackening of the coils is bad news - see below. Don't forget to have a new gasket on hand.
  2. Lorne

    California Coast

    I recognize that spot - along a beach in Redwood NP, just north of Klamath. Surprisingly, I enjoyed nicer wx when I stopped there only a couple weeks after dadofseven.
  3. Lorne


    Love photos like this that show places I'd really like to ride. The swoop road reminds me of a spot on Montana's Hwy 78, looking south towards Red Bluff.
  4. Those two bikes make quite a pair. Back in 1993 I bought my first VFR, a '91 red w/gold wheels and grey seat. And soon after my pal Doug bought a red 907ie just like the one in your photo. An awful lot of water under the bridge since then.
  5. Not too shabby for a 30 year old bike 😉 Love the Euro graphics, too
  6. To clarify, do you or do you not apply choke when you 1st start it? Your text implies you used it after the third attempt. If not, there's your answer - use the choke unless the engine is already warm.
  7. Wow, sure you didn't lean on the scale? 😉 Some years ago I weighed the front & rear wheels of my '98 VFR800. Sans tire, valve stem, or balance weights, or bearings(front) the front weighed ~9 pounds and the rear was 12 pounds. And a 3rd Gen 12-spoke weighed almost exactly the same as the 800's 5-spoke. I didn't have the most accurate scale, but sure as shootin' wasn't off by 4 pounds.
  8. Lorne

    10 21 2020 (7) b.jpg

    Fall colours and a red VFR, with left exit exhaust no less, makes for a great photo.
  9. Lorne

    Colorado River

    Last time I was on this road it was ~4:00 in the morning. There were about a bazillion stars in the sky but I was too cold to stop and enjoy 'em. I'd spent a chilly night on the side of the road a few miles east after finding there was nary a room to be had in Blanding. Fortunately, dawn had come as I neared Hanksville - time for coffee.
  10. Lorne


    From the album: my VFRs

    A very pleasant 1st of November made for a great photo opportunity at Victoria's Inner Harbour

    © Lorne Black

  11. Lorne


    From the album: my VFRs

    A very pleasant 1st of November made for a 2nd great photo opportunity at Victoria's Inner Harbour

    © Lorne Black

  12. They certainly have a reputation for failed stators and rec/regs. Whether or not VFRs are more prone than other bikes I cannot say. I'm not convinced anyone knows the root cause of the failures.
  13. Good luck with troubleshooting your electrickery gremlins. My '09 VTec's stator failed a few years ago during a trip through Colorado. I managed to get home by pulling fuses for headlights and recharging the battery each night. See below. As well as checking your stator and rec/reg, and their wiring and connectors, look at your starter relay (adjacent to the battery). Charging power from the the rec/reg goes through it to get to the battery. A bad connection there means no/reduced charge for the battery. Make sure to pull off the rubber boot covering it in order to see
  14. Lorne

    10 21 2020 (73) b.jpg

    I'm seldom out near dawn or dusk so I admire your work ethic. Lovely shot that stands apart from the majority.
  15. Lorne

    Oct 9 2020 (99) b.jpg

    What a lovely shot, great lighting and colour. The bike isn't too shabby, either 😉
  16. Aha, I guessed correctly that it was Independence Pass. One of many fantastic places Colorado has to offer. I'll have to get back there some day.
  17. Lorne

    IMGP0670 1600

    Looks like a great place for a bike ride. Of course, 2011 was a much simpler age.
  18. Lorne


    Photos like this remind me how much I miss my red '98 800. Thanks, for sharing.
  19. Great photo, Slo1. Love how you framed it to show that small glimpse of road to come.
  20. I bet you meant to say a 906 Paso. The graphics and 16" from wheel give it away. I lusted after a 907 IE for ages, but ended up buying a 2 year old '91 VFR750 instead. A couple of friends had 907s but somehow I never got a chance to ride either.
  21. Forgot to add, if you don't already have a paper or pdf of the service manual you can download it from this very site: '98-'01 Honda VFR Service Manual Or goto Browse-->Downloads at the top left of the page.
  22. Lorne

    VFR800 Stator??

    Dutchy and Cogswell offered some good suggestions. Before you spend money on any parts there are a couple of things worth knowing. The output of the rec/reg goes through the starter relay (adjacent to the battery) *before* going to the battery. Check the connections on your starter relay to ensure they are in good condition. And as Cogswell says, check that your meter is set to AC.
  23. Is not the starter relay adjacent to your battery? You should be able to access it for inspection or to remove & replace it by removing the seat. Yours is in virtually the same location as on my '92 VFR750 and I didn't need to remove the tank. Cannot remember if removing the battery was necessary. Good luck
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