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  1. Its normal, mine does it too. Pressure regulation of the fuel pump.
  2. Veefalo on Independance pass, featured
  3. I recently updated the forum to the latest greatest always ever changing forum version last week, if you have not noticed. They put in a popup every time you miss the notification for admins and its really a PITA. I dont much like upgrading since well most things break when they do offer an upgrade. This time tap-a-talk has broken, I have been working with the tap-a-talk people and just cant seem to get it to install. so I have removed it completely for now to keep the forum from crashing, the install would crash every time I tried to install the new version. Now h
  4. Didit was in Vancouver a little while ago and spoke with Axle and Tammy, said the Covid has made 2021 out of reach probably 2022 at the soonest.
  5. I have tried to reset the editor to default, last idea I have.
  6. Try changing to the default theme, which uses a simpler version of the editor. scroll to the very bottom. find the word theme and click on it it will offer a default theme. If this does not work then I dont know. I searched the invisonboard support forums and they just say its a obsolete IOS. No longer supported.
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