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  1. I had to change name servers on my domains, so vfrdiscussion.com seems to be working, but vfrd.com has not populated yet. The security certificate is still good, but I might need to renew that too, we will see. Hopefully it will last the full year I renewed the certificate for.
  2. I ended my contract on the old server and now I have moved vfrd to a new faster server. I am finding bugs as I go, if you find any report them here please.
  3. Yes a small bit of powder I have to wipe off the magnet, scott is rated at 35 microns absolute, honda oem is 20 microns 70% so its a bit of a wash. I however have done 20 or 30 changes on the same filter, its been cleaned in kerosene and dish soap, back flowed hot water its much better oil flow then a paper filter, rated to 600f degrees, no paper filter is rated for that since it is glued in while the scott is welded.
  4. I bought a scott stainless steel mesh filter for my 98 vfr 18 years ago and still used it for my 2010 vfr1200. It is good for 35 microns, I have had to replace the gasket only twice. and it has a magnetic prefilter. I think I paid 80$ for it and its still in great shape. The outter part has some road gunk on it and some marks from a wrench its not as pretty as it once was but still an awesome filter. Its a bit messy cleaning it during oil changes but so? https://www.scottsonline.com/Product_Purchase2.php?Bike_ID=5513&BI_ID=144104
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