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  1. I make enough popping and gurgling sounds myself, I don’t like my exhaust to mimic me 👴🏼
  2. In 1978 I rode pillion from Townsville to Adelaide (around 3,200km) on a 78 model. It was really what got me in to motorcycling. I hadn’t even got a learners licence but my mate risked letting me ride on some of the deserted roads in outback NSW. Still here to tell the tale. Thanks Chris if you are still out there 😊
  3. And by the way these days I tend to yell OOOHH AHHHH rather than yeeee haaaa
  4. I’m a fairly big guy too, about 105kg in my birthday suit, but I have never had a problem. Just don’t take a running leap at it and you should be fine (on solid ground of course)
  5. I get around this problem by having the bike on the centre stand putting my left leg on the left peg and swinging my right leg over. Obviously a problem if you don’t have a centre stand.
  6. I have cut down a large microfibre cloth to the same shape and size as the base of my tank bag and simply place this underneath it. I hadn’t actually thought of the magnets picking up debris, I was just not convinced the base of my tank bag wouldn’t scratch the paint. Even with the microfibre cloth under it the bag doesn’t move. Have also tried a piece of the non slip rubber matting they use in caravans, but it leaves a dull mark (polishes out very easily though)
  7. I have a medium size Moto Dry magnetic tank bag. Never had a problem, even on long trips with a decent amount of gear in them they don’t budge an inch. Have you actually had a problem with your tank bags moving ect? I suspect if you don’t overload the smaller tank bags they will be fine. You could check product reviews and see if anyone else reports having problems, if there are no complaints this should give you a bit more confidence in them.
  8. Fitted the new Atlas Throttle Lock this morning. Installation was easy, though I was doubting myself that it was on correctly. I thought it was sitting up too high, but it looks the same as the photos on the instructions. I ended up using the thinnest spacer, not a lot of room between the grip and the throttle housing. Comparing it to the Kaoko I find the Atlas much much easier to engage and disengage. I seemed to have to turn the Kaoko more than 360 deg to get it to engage. Also with gloves on I found I accidentally engaged it a couple of times in the twisties. Performance is the same,t
  9. Glad you weren’t halfway through a sweeping left hand corner at speed 😬 Glad it was just an inconvenience for you.
  10. Looks like a great job, before shot would have been interesting. A productive morning by the sounds of things.
  11. Last couple of rides I have done I collected a lot of Nth Qld bugs so decided today was a good day to give her a bath. All cleaned and dried. Polish and wax with synthetic Xwax tomorrow morning. Like you Grum I need to give the front chain sprocket a good clean, do you remove the lower fairing when you do this or do you find there is enough room without removing it? Also where did you get the older generation VFR badge/sticker from? All the places I have found that have them want a ridiculous amount of postage, one place wanted €21🤯. I wouldn’t mind putting one on the Powerbronze screen I have
  12. Thanks Limey I just checked these out, certainly top shelf but just what I was looking for, found them for $590 😳which seems good compared to everywhere else I found them. Not sure how this brand has escaped my attention before this. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for all the info guys. I have fairly wide feet so that sounds like it disqualifies them straight away. In all honesty I wasn’t getting drawn in to the looks of the boots, they are way too flashy for my tastes, I was just wanting the safest boot. Will stick with my Gaerne boots for now, very comfortable but very little shin protection.
  14. Any one have experience with these boots? I am thinking of purchasing a pair just for the level of protection they offer. I don't do track days or ride like I think I am on one, I just want to have the safest gear possible in the event of an accident. Is this overkill?
  15. Just to be clear I don’t have any issue with non oem oil filters I was simply asking if there was any reason people didn’t use oem ie Honda filters. Grum answered my question clearly, simply a matter of convenience.
  16. Out of interest what if anything is the problem with oem oil filters ?
  17. I am currently in Japan skiing so the snow looks very familiar ( not so familiar back in Nth Queensland) The snow sure makes the colours of the bikes pop.
  18. Glad to see it didn’t put you off riding. As an immortal 20 year old (41 years ago😳) I did a superman impersonation (for about 1 second) over the roof of a car. I still ride past the spot regularly and can still remember the accident very clearly. Luckily I was not severely injured just a fractured wrist and some skin off my knees. Nothing makes you pay more attention than your first accident.
  19. Loved watching the video ca135, looked like great fun. The bike sounded great. A track day at Philip Island is on my bucket list. Thanks for posting the video.
  20. Very well done, looks very classy. I think it makes the bike look much more sporty. Great job.
  21. Philois1984


    I agree Grum, I am going to guess somewhere in the Dolomites, Italy ?
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