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  1. Winter cooling improvement project

    Wow! Lots of ideas here! Yes, i'll clean my rads soon, but the issue of eating away the aluminium is always a concern when using aggressive chemicals. The idea i've liked the most in here was the electrical pump one! Maybe is not good at all for the battery-regulator system, but if you combine that with led cluster and led tail lights you can compensate the electrical load... We deserve more info about that pump project! Please share it with us! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi there people, an image is worth a thousand words so here it goes two thousand words: This is what i came up with, now i'm thinking about taking it to a welding shop to accomodate a pair of tabs and cut this tubing to match a bigger one that is oriented properly to plug into each side rad. I feel like this could end with the cooling problems we have on traffic jams during summer (even if we all know that the hotter the viffer the better it runs) So i've come up with this and i'll try to keep you all updated about how it goes The rad came out of an scrapyard from an unknown KTM (presumably from a 50cc cross style one)
  3. Maybe having a look at the fireblade wiring diagram and comparing it to the vfr will give a clue...
  4. Warmup time/miles?

    Mine takes like 20 min to feel happy... Coolant could get hot, but oil takes longer... And i notice a lot that it takes ages to be at good working temp Maybe an oil temp gauge would help. Some time ago i pretended to develop a arduino 128x64 lcd with a myriad of sensors like egt, oil temp, oil pressure and so on, but developing such a thing is a time consuming task, and as long as i decided to be a parent, time flew away from me...
  5. Quickshifter Easy for 5G

    1st to 2nd is a nope... But it do clutchless upwards and downwards all the time... Given that i've seen lots of scrapyard 5th gen engines for less than 300€ i'm not worried at all.
  6. 5th Gen Cooling Upgrades

    Try over paypal if you payed with it
  7. 5th Gen Cooling Upgrades

    [emoji4] Im glad that it worked but that jb weld makes me be scared about the future of that bike ? I would rather look for a good tig weld in a short time... I know that jb weld is like a miracle, but a leak on a pressurized radiator fixed with jbweld from the outside wont last forever... Good luck and keep us updated!
  8. Once in a lifetime offer

    Oh! And what about the blue connector of the dashboard? My retaining clip was broken since i own the bike... [emoji4]
  9. 99 not cooling correctly

    I'm having similar issues, and i bought a small long slim radiator from a unknown dirtbike that i want to mount in front over the oil rad instead of the tube that comunicates one radiator with the other. I'll let you know how this thing goes because i don't know if it's gonna work
  10. 2018 Ducati V4 Sound

    Wooo... And the shift is fast! I want that speed on my 5th gen [emoji12]
  11. All vfr's smell rich at idle... Even my injected 2001 5th gen smells like dropping fuel on the exhaust when cold... Gets better if the bike is hot... But anyway mine uses the lambda plugs to run efficiently from 3000 rpm onwards, so its ok if its rich at idle. If you are getting good mpg i wouldnt worry too much about a rich iddle.
  12. Saw this image today

    I've been searching around spain, they are at 3000EUR but some of them are in great condition... Awsome bike imho.
  13. Saw this image today

    Sorry, its clearly a cbr900rr https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_CBR900RR
  14. Saw this image today

    Your photo confuses me [emoji28]
  15. Saw this image today

    Or is it a vfr400 with a cbr sticker? http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/Honda/honda_cbr250r%2088.htm

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