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  1. Have my VFR on ebay right now

    I only have my line in the water, I expect this will take a while. If my cash flow improves I can have both...so then I would be a four bike owner,
  2. Have my VFR on ebay right now

    Find myself hoping it wont sell but then there is this SP2 with a load of good stuff on it close by
  3. Coming down to the last hour after 7 days on the 'Bay 630 views, maybe 35 watchers, one sort of half baked offer to purchase....I'm not impressed but... This wouldn't be happening except for a certain much read member and his picture of a white RC 51 http://my.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyEbayBeta&currentpage=MyeBayNextSelling
  4. What to bring

    Looking forward to it! I'm not shaking your hand if you are missing a sock however.
  5. RC30 Arai, who's gonna buy it?

    Man Dutchy, don't go showing us that stuff. Now I"ve got to spend the next couple of days looking at VTR,s on Craigslist
  6. RC30 Arai, who's gonna buy it?

    According to: http://www.crash.org.au/ratings.php The HJC FG-17 helmet (approx. $160 USD) tests exactly the same as most Shoeis and one star better than Arai, in 2016 data no Arai shows up with more than a 3 star crash test, HJC has a number of 4 star helmets. Snell is Snell I guess, it appears the mojo is in the name and the look, I still want that VFR Helmet, I just want it for $160.00
  7. What to bring

    My brothers favorite saying, "you are never out of toilet paper if you've got your socks" He is a VFR owner as well, 4th Gen like me
  8. What to bring

    Not that many years ago I did the rim of the United States on a KLR 650, 1989 vintage that I picked up cheaper than I would care to admit. I geared it up and put on street tires and had what may have been the most memorable motorcycle trip ever, primarily because I was riding a bike that I could leave by the side of the road without regret if it died. Of course, being a KLR it never did. I found people treated me very well "you are all the way out here on that little bike?" A little slow for pulling out into 80 MPH CA traffic, but it got there eventually.
  9. What to bring

    Great advice Dutchy, minimalist is the way to travel, if you plan for everything something that is everything +1 will happen. Basic tools, some cash, a couple of credit cards, a light and cheery attitude, a feeling that most people you meet will be good (all I have met were) the ability to spend the night in a less than desirable motel or by the side of a building if you planned wrong....that should do it. Oh yeah, you just gotta get on the bike and go really, everything will be great.
  10. RC30 Arai, who's gonna buy it?

    Nice looking for sure, I hear all approved helmets crash about the same though, so for me $400 ish max does the trick usually
  11. 2018 PRE-Ride to the Spring Memorial Ride

    Certainly a +10 on the view from Little Switzerland, it is one of my favorite places. I really hope to make the pre ride or the spring memorial ride. I have been considering a ride out to Big Bend early this year as well, GS for that one. I will know more in the next couple of weeks. Time vs Money, the only equation I really understand these days. A couple of the Linn Cove viaduct.....ahhhhh
  12. 2018 PRE-Ride to the Spring Memorial Ride

    As you do the routes in this area there is an alternative place to stay that has had my attention for the last few years. Just up the Parkway from Little Switzerland is Pineola NC which is right on the Parkway itself, a little more towards Blowing Rock. There is the Pineola Inn which is as about a biker friendly place as anyone can imagine, and, (I almost should be shot for saying this) I pay $69 a night. Old time, back up to your door place with a liquor store attached, a great condition coin laundry and a short walk (I mean short) to an Italian restaurant, a barbeque place and fuel. In the morning , at the intersection of the Parkway there is Christas Place, a place to back your bike up to and sit there and have a great breakfast before heading out. Pull offs like this are my glimpse of paradise. After a good days ride you can unpack the bike and ride up to the Linn Cove viaduct and watch the sunset. Link to the inn; https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g49435-d2334157-Reviews-Pineola_Inn-Pineola_North_Carolina.html

    If you go on the ADV Riders forum Palm Dr is mentioned all the time, what a great resource to have! The Zumo 450's and 550's may be about the best motorcycle specific GPS's around and now that they have been superceded many times over they are out there in the $250 range in good shape with options as well.

    The company you are talking about in MN is PalmDr, they just did both my 550's, the whole enchilada , updates, batteries, missing power button and program and installation of a card so the entire United States is on the machine. You are not able to fit the whole USA on a 550 anymore unless you add the card so for me this was a paramount issue. I was carrying 2 550's on my cross country trips, one for the west and one for the east. The PalmDr's are prompt, truthful, very, very reasonable and have great feedback (which I happily added to) http://www.palmdr.com/
  15. Ageing can have its rewards?

    Almost 69 here. Pulled away from an intersection one night on my Duc 999 and the car behind me was coming up a little fast so I twisted the wrist a bit and put him way back fast, I realized my mistake when the flashing blues came on. As he was walking up to the bike I took off my helmet, all he did was give a surpressed grin and said "93 mph, don't be an asshole" and left. There are times when being grey has some reward,

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