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  1. You can anneal the copper washer by heating to cherry red and dropping in cold water, then they’re good to go Same goes for hydraulics but only if I don’t have any new ones
  2. Paint arrived today, exactly what I was after .... perfect match
  3. He was doing some commentary on WSB in 2019, not heard of him since
  4. As the title suggests does anyone know what the paint code is for the white paint on the wheels?
  5. The ones fitted to pre 17 ones have a removal baffle This one has no baffle with it anyway £290 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-VFR800-F-X-Akrapovic-Exhaust-Slip-on-2014-on/114733003512?hash=item1ab69eb2f8:g:cI0AAOSw9hBgVKZo
  6. 1 mm thick ABS sheet makes a good skeleton to build on, I replaced a chunk of fairing with that as a working base .....ABS pipe cement for the win
  7. Before you go spending money have you tried the changing seat the seat height ....front on low, rear high and vice versa? I had my seat reupholstered and the seat padding raised by 1” which is much more comfortable Thurn motorsport do lowered pegs by LSL
  8. I’ve had stachions replated and they’ve been fine, significantly cheaper too Not sure where this in relation to you but they offer the service http://framestraightsystem.com/Motorcycle Fork Repair.htm
  9. Brooks Barn have rebuilt a shock for my CBR @£160 Given the age I’d go for a Hagon or YSS unit @£300
  10. Are these the end cans the ones you’re after https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Terminals-Exhaust-Silencers-Approved-Marving-Honda-VFR-750-F-RC24-J-1988-89/294031945991?epid=5014484539&hash=item4475ab7107:g:JO8AAOSw9DNgNxg~
  11. The stuff to effortlessly remove corrosion and discolouration on stainless steel is Autosol Blue Remover Its phosphoric acid in a gel, wipe it on, wipe it off ....just don’t get it on your skin Takes all the effort out and only works on the corrosion
  12. No problem removing the clutch pushrod, you might want to put a compressible sleeve on it to reduce the rust and consequent damage to the seal ... the rubber boots from brake calliper slide pins work a treat filled with grease
  13. Have a look here https://www.airtech-streamlining.com/honda-fairings-seats-fenders-parts/VFR7501994-97.htm
  14. There’s so much VFR750F stuff on eBay and not a lot of it sells, I’ve been sourcing stuff for my 89 RC24, only made for 2 years but I’ve bought everything I needed and some I didn’t .. like a fuel tank with tap for £10 The smaller the lumps the longer they don’t sell, plus of course you have to break it up and waste more time packaging it up, eBay fees, etc Put it on Craigslist as a project
  15. That was to have the seat reshaped to my specifications, after 20k miles the foam had compacted, so they spent about 3 hours on it Check their website and see how much what you want is going to cost International shipping is not as expensive as it used to be, there may be a seat on eBay.co.uk that you could get sent to Sussex Motorcycles and then you’d only have one way shipping
  16. Look for a custom motorcycle seat upholsterer, like this https://saddlemen.com/ I had my 8th gen recovered with non slip vinyl and also had the shape changed with denser foam inserts by these people http://www.sussexmotorcycles.com/elite-comfort-motorcycle-seats.html I didn’t go there, we sorted it out on the phone and it’s perfect .....£140 including insured shipping both ways
  17. Have you looked at using a battery charger and getting all the rust out by electrolysis? This is one of many YouTube videos
  18. I’ve repaired numerous cracks, missing tabs, big chunks knocked out etc on the fairing panels on my 89 RC24 ABS is 60% styrene and acetone is a solvent for it, there’s numerous YouTube videos ...I’ve also used ABS pipe cement from builders merchants with considerable success, dirt cheap and has a thickening agent of clear ABS dissolved in it Evesham .....that’s not far from me ....Wotton Under Edge .... I always get my asparagus from the farm shop in Wickhamford, good excuse to blast up the Fosse Way If you have the panels, even in bits they can be repaired ....honest
  19. Color is Pyrite Brown Metallic, color code YR-325M.
  20. Ride it .....motorcycles should die with hot tyres, not fade away
  21. Pro-bolt.com ...explain what you want them for and they’ll sort you out The UK depot is on the outskirts of Tewkesbury, 10% discount if you buy in person, they’re very pleasant people to deal with there Be very careful with stainless steel, there’s lots of different varieties and some are not suitable for exhaust manifolds
  22. It amazes me that people still buy them
  23. Acetone is the solvent for the styrene in ABS, as long as you remove the paint from the area you’re going to patch it’ll chemically weld the patch on Sheet ABS is cheap and available from eBay I’ve been using ABS pipe cement with considerable success, the stuff you get from builders merchants or eBay again Like this
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