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  1. Not sure on that model VFR but on the RVF400 they are stretch bolts hence they should be replaced each time if you torque them up properly. You can actually feel them stretch as you do them up. I instead tighten them to the lower VFR400 torque setting and locktite them so I don't need to replace them every time the calipers come off.
  2. Steering damper as well... Although can't say I've ever thought the VFR needed one! On the FJ I've had it shake it's head once in ~40k... on well worn tyres, with a squared off rear accelerating hard while banked well over and on broken tarmac! Might be the geometry is a bit off, or might just be for style.
  3. Looks like early-ish fireblade front end. Unsure if has the 16 or 17 wheel on though. Certainly better than stock. Has a CBR rear wheel as well (not sure on width). Fox rear shock, looks like a nice exhaust from what little can be seen. Swingarm has been braced. Original mirrors missing. Clutch and brake master cylinders non-original. No ideas on price as I'm not based in the US! It looks quite a nice bike if you're not bothered about originality.
  4. I've cut down, although still have 4 Honda V4's. The high point was probably when we had 3 RVF400's (and a VFR750F) Now down to "only" two RVF400's (sold the track bike), the high-miler and the low-milage minter. The VFR750F (RC24) Project VFR750 and a SV700 Not mentioning the spare engines, NC30 frame, extra RC24 frame...
  5. A few more "Fairing" sources to add. https://www.skidmarx.co.uk/road-replacement-bodywork#/model-vfr750_fg_h https://www.skidmarx.co.uk/road-replacement-bodywork#/model-vfr750_fj_k Race fairings https://www.raggededgeracing.com/fairings/honda/ Also Robert Wittey from PDQ Motorcycle Developments does race fairings (UK Only).
  6. Someone posted a picture to the FB group without the caliper bracket which reminded me of this before 2021... The cast bit on the swingarm *isn't* a cast bit on the swing arm. It rotates (part 12 below) Swingarm looks like this without it (and the hub etc).
  7. Well...The RS850R/RS750R and early RVF750 were VF750 based. In 1985 the RS750R changed its name to be RVF750. Still VF750 based to start with but then the VFR750F (RC24) engine was developed with "lessons learnt" from the RS750R/early RVF750 and VF750. The RVF750 then used the new VFR750F engine as a basis. That in turn (alongside the experience from the '6X' VFR750F) fed into the VFR750R (RC30) and then the RVF750 took the engine from the VFR750R as it's basis... https://www.honda.co.jp/WGP/spcontents2012/v4-story/05/ Then the more restrictive rules came in and Honda had to start with a production bike rather than a prototype. Hence the RVF750R (RC45) was developed with an all new engine. The reason the RC45 was called an RVF750R rather than a VFR750R is down to marketing, same reason the US called the VTR1000 SP1 (SC45) an RC51 when it's not a 750 so gets an SC not RC designation. It's a shame because it makes it hard to tell what is what. Someone says RVF750...now do you mean the VF750 engine based F1/Endurance bike, the VFR750F engine based F1/Endurance bike, VFR750R engine based F1/Endurance bike or the road bike (or the race derivatives of it)?
  8. Oh absolutely, just bypass to test and prime. I wouldn't advise anything other than a temporary bypass although if someone is determined I'd advise to bypass it by running a "normal" relay via a bank (tip-over) sensor (as fitted to EFI bikes as they will quite happily run on their side...until they run out of oil).
  9. Ignoring the obvious ones (and some that are obvious earlier that aren't later). OKI "11" is a HRC RVF750 AM PM "7" is a HRC RVF750 Lucky Strike "4" is a Honda RVF750R (RC45) Horipro "33" is a Honda RVF750R (RC45) Lucky Strike "33" is a Honda RVF750R (RC45) I think. 🙂
  10. The RVF750 was the "prototype" class endurance race bike, similar to an MotoGP bike now. Hand built in limited numbers by HRC. One off castings, one off frames etc. Not sold to anyone. Probably no two are identical. The VFR750R (RC30) was the road version of the RVF750. The VFR750R looks like a RVF750 but it's NOT the same thing at all as the RC30 was mass produced (albeit still built by HRC). This is a 1987 RVF750, NOT a VFR750R (RC30). Anyway, onto the welds. If you look at a RVF750 (Prototype racer), look closely at the frame above the swingarm pivot. Now compare this to a RC45 As you can see the construction of the frame of the production RVF750R (RC45) is very different to the prototype race bike RVF750 but superficially they look the same and from a distance it's very easy to confuse them. There are many other differences in the frames as well. While the road RVF750R RC45 looks very different to the prototype RVF750 it's harder if you're comparing to a race RC45, if you look closely its still obvious (and the frame is the easiest way to tell) but of course a RC45 may had special exhaust, forks, fairing, wheels etc. Especially if it was a HRC "factory" bike.
  11. Awesome bikes. Shame that Honda called the RC45 an RVF though rather than keep it as a VFR, makes it really tricky to work out which are the REALLY special "prototype" RVF750's and those based off the road-bikes (not that some of those are much less special)! They're so similar in looks that I end up scrutinising the welds on the frame to tell.
  12. FYI if you are using the late RC24 engine then the RC36 output shaft is ~13mm longer and a direct swap (Unfortunately the US didn't get the later RC24 model)....You do however also need the RC36 sprocket cover and the clutch pushrod (it's longer). Plus as a bonus all the important parts on the later RC24 *except* the gears themselves (ratios differ) and the output shaft are shared with the RC30. Note also that the gear change shaft position also differs between the early and late RC24's (and the ign, and the valve size, and the carb size, and the ign timing...! )
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