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  1. Fastdruid

    Need suggestions for price on 87 VFR750

    There are two OE styles...86-87 "stalks" and 88-89 "flush". The US didn't get the 88-89 model VFR750F so missed out on the second style but even then, the OE ones are colour coded and look totally different. Like these ones. ] Those ones look more like these generic "fairing" indicators. They're 100% not original and while there are genuine reasons for a respray after 30 years (mine was originally red but is looking awfully pink these days) alongside all the other signs it really does look like a bad aftermarket fairing replacement.
  2. Fastdruid

    Need suggestions for price on 87 VFR750

    In addition to what has already been noted, the fairing indicator is non-original (should be on a stalk) as is the screen and it is missing the writing on the top fairing which alongside the poor fitment as BluRoad says indicates a badly fitted aftermarket one. I strongly suspect it is a VFR700 not a VFR750F. Get them to send you the start of the engine/chassis number (or site of the plate on the side of the chassis), if both start RC24 then it's a 750, if they start RC26 then it's a 700 (or the plate says its 700) Here is a RC24 / 750 plate for example. I *think* the 700's should state RC26 here instead (and will be showing ~700cc) Personally unless you get it very cheap (and I don't know US prices for comparison but it seems pricey to me) this looks more like a parts bike to me.
  3. Fastdruid

    Need suggestions for price on 87 VFR750

    Photos don't show That site just times out for me (presumably because the wrong side of the pond and they have GeoIP fencing). Would you mind posting the pictures? I didn't think the US got the "square" clocks on anything other than the VFR 700 F2 and the 750's were all round clocks (and also RWB while the VFR 700 F2 was available white)?
  4. Fastdruid

    Need suggestions for price on 87 VFR750

    Did the US bikes come without them as standard or are they commonly removed?
  5. Fastdruid

    Multiple Bike Disorder (MBD)

    I've cut down, although still have 4 Honda V4's. The high point was probably when we had 3 RVF400's (and a VFR750F) Now down to "only" two RVF400's (sold the track bike), the high-miler and the low-milage minter. The VFR750F (RC24) Project VFR750 and a SV700 Not mentioning the spare engines, NC30 frame, extra RC24 frame...
  6. Fastdruid

    Hello from Germany

    It's not VFR specific so much as the shunt/SCR reg/recs that everyone used until ~10 years ago when the MOSFET type ones started coming out. They all fail. Possibly VFR's are so reliable otherwise that they do more miles! 🙂 The SCR's run hot when shunting and heat kills electronic components. I suspect more so than inline-4's etc because of the rear cylinder head/exhaust location as well (don't know about the later bikes but you can feel the heat *though* the seat on the RC24). So there are a number of things to consider. 1) Add additional cooling for the reg/rec. I've seen suggestions of PC fans and the like along with additional heat sinks. 2) Keep the lights on. I know most of us do anyway but the less it has to shunt the lower the heat input. 3) Replace it with a MOSFET reg/rec or even better a series reg/rec (SCR again but despite being an SCR design they flow less current and for shorter duration so don't get as hot as the "shunt" type SCR regulators.) The "series" reg/recs also have the advantage of reducing the heat put into the stator which can prevent local hot spots (which lead to overheating, breakdown of the resin and eventual failure.)
  7. Fastdruid

    fairing vfr750f 1988

    Checked the dates, Off the road 7 months! Exhaust blew 4th Dec. Didn't touch it for a month. Took the old engine out end of Jan. New engine in start of March. Discovered replacement engine had exploded a clutch plate and was filled with bits. Didn't know what kind of damage it had caused and so took it back to the breakers for a refund. Bought another engine...turned out to be a VFR750K not a VFR750FK (5spd, restricted to 75PS although unsure if physically restricted) Didn't find another reasonably priced engine for 3 months. Picked up another one mid June and went from this on the 14th to all back together by the 21st So about a weeks work but spread over 7 months and a bunch of grief. As well as the exhaust I did overhaul the brakes (new pads all round), forks, replace the rear disc, chain+sprocket, shock and swap the rear brake line for braided. As well as replacing the anti-dive bearing and cleaning and lubing pretty much everything else.
  8. Fastdruid

    fairing vfr750f 1988

    Easiest way to remove engine is to lift the frame off! Plus it was a good time to do a bit of a refresh in general. It didn't take long to do the work... but it was off the road for 5 months. Old engine is sat in the garage. Turned out to be quite a bit down on power compared to the new engine (old one had 67k, new one 30k). Plan is to take it to 840cc... 🙂
  9. Fastdruid

    fairing vfr750f 1988

    Only the RC24's. I've had my 88/FJ since 2003 and ran it as my only transport for years. Commuted all year round on it. Rebuilt it ~10 years ago with a 89/FK engine (primarily as the exhaust broke, a bunch of exhaust stud snapped on me taking it off and two engine bolts seized and needed drilling out. A new lower mileage engine was easier and cheaper).
  10. Fastdruid

    fairing vfr750f 1988

    '86/87 is the lightest fastest VFR. 🙂 You do need to work out which yours is, '86 or 87. There is an easy way as yours has no fairings atm. Look in the middle of the V, in the middle of the front cylinder head and see if there is a cam sensor with a cable leading away from it. The 1986 has a cam sensor. The 1987+ does not. You can see where it would have been but the head is not machined for it. Here is a 1986 front head (upside down obviously) with the machined hole for the cam sensor in the "gear tunnel". Honda changed lots of little details every year. Sometimes you can swap, sometimes you can't. Some you can swap but need lots of other parts swapped also. Example, you can use the later ECU on the early bikes. The starter (sprag) clutch (part 5) with the triggers on is a direct swap...but the the sprag clutch is different so the gear doesn't fit (3) so you need that and then idler gear (1) and starter is different. Or the alternator...the crankshaft is different between 86/87 and 88/89, the flywheel fits this way round on the '86/87 and this way round on the 88/89! Also the VR sensors are different... and the tacho is different, you can use the '87 tacho with an '88/89 ecu but an '86 needs a new tacho!
  11. Fastdruid

    Quick Reference Guide For Earlier Vfrs

    A few more "Fairing" sources to add. https://www.skidmarx.co.uk/road-replacement-bodywork#/model-vfr750_fg_h https://www.skidmarx.co.uk/road-replacement-bodywork#/model-vfr750_fj_k Race fairings https://www.raggededgeracing.com/fairings/honda/ Also Robert Wittey from PDQ Motorcycle Developments does race fairings (UK Only).
  12. Fastdruid

    fairing vfr750f 1988

    Thanks Although they look almost identical almost every single part is modified on the 88/89 from the 86...Gearbox is out of the RC30 (only the ratios differ). 1990+ has different heads but the bottom end is pretty much the same as the 88/89 (only major bottom end difference is the output shaft is longer). Main difference in ownership is the 86-89 need valve clearances checking more often. Just as reliable until you get to the VTEC with chain cams. No real difference in power between the late 88/89 and 90-97 tbh. Condition is everything. The 750's make more torque than the 800's low down and the same as the 800's peak. Only difference is the VTEC revs higher so makes a few PS more.
  13. Fastdruid

    fairing vfr750f 1988

    Tank is actually i believe the same (apart from paint). Frame...functionally the same but 88/89 made from fewer larger parts (less welds). Centre stand different. Wheels, 18 rear/16 front on 86/87, 17 front/rear on 88/89. Forks, 37mm on 86/87, 41mm on 88/89. Rear subframe totally different, pillion pegs on alloy hangers on 88/89. Fairing 3 piece on 86/87, 4 piece on 88/89. Can be made to fit but the mounts are all different so not a straight swap. Seat sides different but i believe. Seats kind of interchange, you need to modify one to fit to the other but cant remember which way round! US clocks different (round), 86/87 EU clocks *also* different to 88/89. Screen adjusts on 88/89, fixed on 86/87 Engine... 88/89 has bigger inlet valves, bigger carbs, different cam gears, different cams, different followers, starter different (and idler etc), gearchange all different, alternator different, both left and right covers different. Gear lever comes out in a different place so not even gear levers are the same! Plus different pickups, different ecu, different tacho! Exhaust totally different. 86/87 Is 4-2 with a link pipe, 88/89 Is 4-2-1-2. Also 86 has cam sensor, none of the others have
  14. Fastdruid

    fairing vfr750f 1988

    This is a 1988 VFR750F (mine) This is a 1987 VFR750F (not mine) See how the fairing is different! The seat sides are different, subframe different, wheels different, exhaust different, indicators different, screen different. Brake disks and calipers are different, as are shocks, forks, ecu, carbs, gearbox, even the frames are different!
  15. Fastdruid

    fairing vfr750f 1988

    Use these. Not the links previous. It is NOT a 1988 model. https://www.poly26.com/756-honda-vfr-750-de-1986-a-1987 https://www.skidmarx.co.uk/road-replacement-bodywork#/model-vfr750_fg_h Also the http://www.airtech-streamlining.com/hondaz/VFR7501986-88.htm is now valid! There are lots of differences between the 1986/87 and 1988/89 VFR750F's. Be careful about ordering parts, especially second hand. Lots of breakers/dismantlers do not know the difference.

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