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  1. Makes me miss my Gen 4's. Well preserved machine.
  2. indianagenius


    Great photo. Bike body panels are perfect.
  3. indianagenius

    Fun With Photoshop

    Very handsome. I like the de-stickered look.
  4. indianagenius

    The stable

    Yes, a very nice selection of motos.
  5. indianagenius

    IMG 0007

    Nice shot and great looking bike.
  6. indianagenius


    Makes me miss my 4th Gen.
  7. indianagenius

    IMG 7005 1

    I want the silver Gen 4 in the middle...bad.
  8. Always love to see a 4th Gen in action.
  9. indianagenius


    Looks like a Dragon pic and a very good one.
  10. indianagenius


    Wow. I want this machine.
  11. indianagenius


    Love the clean, white, stickerless look. Wonderful.
  12. indianagenius


    Love all the 5th Gen pics.
  13. indianagenius

    Bike Shot.JPG

    Wonderful photo of a great road. I like how the background almost looks black & white.
  14. I put an 18 tooth on the front and stock 43 on the back on my '99. My goal was lower RPM's at 70+mph. I am happy with the results. I turn about 5K RPM at 70mph. The speedo is dead on as compared to a GPS. The odometer is gonna read about 6% low, not a biggee. I used a stock 108 link chain in Mr. T. gold. It is this one: DID 530ZVMX I like my results. I don't like turning a lot of RPM's at highway speeds. The bike still has plenty of go. I have no problem starting in 1st gear or passing. Hope this helps. IG
  15. Gates, we all have been there and will help you.
  16. indianagenius

    VFR800 024

    The tailbag is secured via straps under the seat. You take off the seat and attach the tailbag, then put both back on as a unit. You will figure it out. To keep your pipes looking fresh, take a wire brush/sandpaper and get all the rust off. Then, use high temp flat black to paint them. Make sure to remove any panels that may get overspray. IG
  17. indianagenius


    I would like to be there now. Gonna be almost 100 degrees in SE Indiana today.
  18. indianagenius


    Great looking 5th Gen.
  19. indianagenius

    DSC 0179

    i generally don't shoot against the sun, but this isn't terrible. Not good either.
  20. indianagenius


    Makes me miss my 4th Gen.
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