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  1. Would also love to see what was right beside it in the garage
  2. Simple solution to this , please provide photo proof of said "alternator " that is different from what Candy posted , please......
  3. Greg, Ill stay in ,but yeah will call it quites if it bumps much more, sorry but was just going to store them anyways.
  4. Seb I vote you use this as your new logo............;)
  5. They came on the bike when I bought it in 2014,you were the first one I talked to when I joined here - we tried to figure out who made them, with no success. I know how long you have wanted these, reason why I signed up today. ;)
  6. I already have a great set of lit mirrors , but in the interest of maybe helping my fellow members add my name in as well,never hurts to have extra pair anyways.
  7. I really like it , looks like we are of the same mind on the stock ones. Just went back and looked at your triple, did you install it yet ? , if so any more pics ?
  8. So you need stock 6th gen clip ons ?
  9. Funny that I'm reading this as it dumps 6" of snow/ice today !
  10. You could always rig a fuel canister out of the "dummy" side of some Leo Vince pipes ;)
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