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  1. I know the price is over inflated but rules require a price i will consider any reasonable price Sold bike the parts are taking up shelf space Located in Northern California, Concord Area 6thgenstuff@gmail.com Updated 1/18/21 Hard luggage sold
  2. I know the stated price is way over inflated but rules require a price As stated used soft bags i will consider ANY fair price as you can see in the pics there is heat damage to strap please consider this when making an offer located in Norther California, Concord area 6thgenstuff@gmail.com
  3. chrisford


    Awsome paint!!!
  4. chrisford


  5. I wonder how long before it gets its first mod.
  6. chrisford

    hear that V4

    Hmmmm, I know i'm gonna need a change of diapers after this ride...
  7. Is the excess voltage sent out via one of the wires to the connector? If so wouldnt increased corrosion/dirt/muck (creating poor contact) in said connector increase resistance there by increasing heat to said connector there by MELTDOWN? So wouldnt the connector be the weakest link? If excess voltage is not sent out via one of the wires then wouldnt increase resistance in the connector still cause increase heat via increased resistance still causing MELTDOWN of the connector, so the connector is still the weakest link? Now if the previous questions are completely wrong i'll accept any and al
  8. chrisford


    Where can i find that honda part number?... :491:
  9. Group Buy... Oh I should have said... OH DAMN I WANT ONE...
  10. chrisford

    Tree of shame

    Parts do grow on trees...
  11. chrisford

    remus/oem bags

    remus w/ oem bags
  12. chrisford

    Sure Earpone E2c

    Earphone stuck in my mellon
  13. chrisford

    The open road

    "What Are You Doing Looking At Me Get Me On the Road"
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