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  1. Can you guess the door prize?

    1. Burns


      a rail road spike.

  2. Nicole

    TMAC 2012

    It's a different kind of TMAC! lol
  3. Nicole


    OH me there is Lucy!!! :(
  4. Nicole


    I was there several years ago. REALLY neat museum!! Great picture!
  5. Nicole


    How funny, I haven't been on here awhile and when I am BAM. LOL!! OH the good ole days.
  6. Nicole

    Norway VFR Meet 2011

    What a COOL PICTURE!!!
  7. Nicole

    MIGUEL 2.jpg

    Meddle I can tell you that sportbike riders are a special breed and I can attest to that!! Too many times guys off this very site have helped me when I needed them, from taking apart swing sets, to replacing brake levers, to building me a ramp.. :) Miguel congratulations, there isn't a better fitting bike to fill your old bikes shoes. I am sad not to be able to tell anyone I know a VFR with over 100K though. So get to riding!! :cheerleader:
  8. Nicole

    Purvis Purving on HS

    BAhahaha!! Jim you are so hot!! That is hilarious!!!
  9. Nicole


    Knew that was you before I saw the whole pic.
  10. To get friends on your page, you have to make a request... I have you on my page!

  11. Love it Dale!!!! Made me laugh like hell when I saw the pic! Can't wait til next year!!
  12. Travis for crying out loud - it's beemn 15 minutes!!

  13. What?? I have no friends?? I am devastated!!!

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