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  1. Some EFI systems will keep the injectors open longer when the battery is low. Rationale is the lower voltage will result in the injector solenoid operating more slowly than normal, so leaving it open longer will compensate for the extra time required to open. It could have been overcompensating and running the engine rich,, resulting in your surging at the low end. Maybe. Surging sucks. :o(
  2. I used to crew up there regularly a few years back but got side tracked with other stuff for a bit. Hoping to get up a couple of times this summer again though. It's a good time.
  3. Really nice job on the paint. Are you planning on all the rounds at Shubie this summer?
  4. Mine did the same thing. Wasn't too much of an issue as I normally started the bike in neutral. When I stalled I'd just hit the adjuster with my finger and move the lever out to a spot where it would engage the switch. When I was rolling I'd slide it back in again.
  5. Version 1


    This is a group of log files recorded by the DynoJet LCD-200 unit, driven by a Wideband2 module and a PCV.
  6. 50 downloads

    A zip file containing some log files generated by a DynoJet LCD-200. Files include data on AFR, TPS, duty cycle, rpm, engine temp (straight voltage from sensor) and MAP (voltage from sensor). All files can be opened in a spreadsheet to generate graphs, etc. Just for general interest. Bike is an '09 VFR800A with stock airbox, stock exhaust and the PAIR is blocked.
  7. Another function of the PAIR is to get the cat up to operating temperature. Pretty sure they're not heated separately on these bikes, so they rely on the heat of combustion in the pipe to get up to temp. I've noticed that the ECU dumps extra fuel at idle, which is when the PAIR is passing fresh air in. The extra air and fuel mix to heat the cat up to operating temp, which does more for emissions than the PAIR alone would. Old cars didn't have them, but they didn't work very well either. The 80s weren't exactly noted for performance... :o(
  8. Nope, shouldn't make any difference on those at all, will just make pipe emissions lower if you're doing smog testing.
  9. Yep. Problem is they dump the fresh air in the exhaust directly in front of the O2 sensors, ECU thinks the motor just went REAL lean and bumps the duty cycle way up, makes the motor run really fat. Makes it really snatchy at small throttle openings. It makes the emissions look better, but screws up the mixture big time. And weighs at least 4 oz. ;o)
  10. Yesterday I took off my PAIR valve and hoses and capped the inlets. Today my bike decelerates much more smoothly, more like a motorcycle should. I also disconnected the battery for ten minutes, reconnected started and let it go through a couple of fan on/off cycles without touching the throttle. Saw something about it on biker's oracle for the gen7, it's supposed to baseline the EFI system. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take it out between that and removing the PAIR. Might be worth a shot for you to try, it made a noticable difference on mine. Also smoothed the roll on. Down side of taking out the PAIR is possible plugging off the cat. Good reason to get headers. ;o)
  11. Mine decelerates hard when I roll off the throttle for slow turns. More noticable in second and first gear, as in enough to snap the helmet forward. Makes it impossible to ride smoothly through a parking lot without feathering the clutch. On mine it's due to the lousy stock mapping being way too rich rather than physical engine design. That can be fixed with a power commander, I just have to find the time to do it properly. What's your fuel economy like? I get high 20s when riding in town. If you're around there it could be an indication that you're in a similar situation.
  12. Be careful with the chemical strippers. A buddy here took his magnesium rims to a local powder coater last year and they dumped them in the solvent tank. Wasn't much of the rim left when they took them out. The over the counter products probably aren't as concentrated though. It's worth checking the label though. :)
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