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  1. Open the throttle in 1st and 2nd, does it have a flat spot? If so, the limitation is there.
  2. An alternative and easier answer to the VTR caliper/lower issue.... I put a post up about it.
  3. Anyone got any pictures of or a how to guide for notching the 5th gen+ wheels to fit the 3rd and 4th gen. I see a lot of talk but no solid how-to's for it, I wouldn't mind trying a CB1000R on mine but don't want to attack it with an angle grinder till I know what's really needed.
  4. Rich runs the RC36 group on Facebook. Very popular group with an ever growing user count.
  5. 750


    Aww, thanks!
  6. So this is odd, looks as though Honda don't want to caress my bike with new parts! Anyone shed any light on it?
  7. Dunno, seems ok to me. Just a robotic response to an enquiry. I wouldn't take it personally!
  8. Serious question (and utterly off topic) do you have something wrong with your spacebar?
  9. Sweet, thanks for the info! I'll let you know how I get on.
  10. Thanks Dave. This might sound a bit special, but how will Honda know I'm the owner? I'm assuming they only know the details of the original person who bought the bike from the dealer, or do they somehow use DVLA etc? Also, are there any signs this may well be ready to go wrong on the bike? I've got a ~350 mile ride from where it is, back to mine in London - would rather this not lock my rear wheel up mid bend...or at any point really! The bike's got 55k on it so I doubt it's about to go *ping* but you never know.
  11. I would absolutely be getting my money back. Charging £xxx/$xxx for work that is a known fault is more than enough grounds to request the money back. Either way, they've spent/would have spent the time rectifying it, so the money isn't required by them. I'm under the impression that the manufacturer compensates the dealer for any recall work performed anyway. Also, rather than reading this whole thread - is this recall essentially for ALL 1200 bikes produced during the period in question? As I'm picking up a 2010 model in the new year, I'd like to know - I just don't have the VIN available to check online.
  12. Probably been said, but surely you have a case for reclaiming the cost of this due to it being acknowledged as a fault?
  13. Extension socket and a rubber mallet will see the axle out in a few seconds. Pingggg!
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