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  1. One of the most archaic, ridiculous, outdated, dinosaur opinions I have ever read. Modern VFR's break down as much as any modern Ducati.
  2. 97 vfr750

    Have the carbs cleaned professionally, by someone who ACTUALLY knows what they're doing. The V4 carbs are complex and simply dropping them into an ultrasonic cleaner won't do the trick. Lite-Tek provide ethanol proof seals for pennies, so I'd recommend buying those as well.
  3. I do have it, the pesky screw lug plastic bits have broken, though - so I need to fix them up. I also have the original headlight protector!
  4. Fill yer boots! https://www.flickr.com/photos/150668974@N06/albums/72157685642529595
  5. Don't think the 94-97 looks half bad with an 8 spoke on it...here's mine But I don't think it looks a patch on my 90-93 with a later front wheel (oh, and Brembo calipers!)
  6. At the risk of sounding negative. I'd cut your losses and break it for parts, hoping your bid was particularly low, that is. The problem with making the 90-93 naked is those pesky fairing fins that otherwise meet the rear plastics - they look particularly ugly with any other subframe or fairing choice. The 94-97 doesn't have this issue and looks a lot better naked, as can be seen with Sebspeed's SF conversion, along with Apex Andy's.
  7. You might get told a 170 is best, well...it's not. The 170 was the common most size back then, 180's were virtually unheard of. You'd need a 6" rim for a 190. You could achieve that with a hub swap from a ducati/Triumph with one of their later bikes wider rear wheels - lot of effort!
  8. 190 will pinch as the rim is 5.5". Stick with a 180. Hate to repeat the obvious but the PR4 is an excellent tyre for the VFR, as are the Angel GT's Look wide enough in a 180, eh?!
  9. There is... http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/86525-3rd4th-gen-brembo-upgrade/ Not too expensive and a night and day difference
  10. The Brembo's are so much better than the stock calipers, it's unreal
  11. 36-2 (94-97 year bikes) has floating front discs, something I needed to really make the brembo front calipers work (having two 'fixed' points in a braking system isn't good news). The 36-1 (90-93 year bikes) has solid discs. 36-2 front wheel (note the discs have bobbins between the solid centre and the floating outer) 36-1 front wheel (no bobbins, simply bolts to the wheel with no floating parts)
  12. For me..... '93 750 with 24k on the clock: £1500 Total respray in white: £500 Sebring exhaust, fitting, valves checked, dyno time: £750(ish) Further dyno time as I wasn't happy, oil and filter change: £300(ish) Clear indicators: £150 Skidmarx double bubble: £50 Other little bits and pieces: £100(ish) Maxton revalved front forks: £200(ish) 36-2 front wheel (and powdercoat): £170 Brembo calipers & brackets: £200(ish) So I'm into it about £4000. So I certainly wouldn't sweat it too much! I did this over a course of a few years though so I haven't broken the bank in one go.
  13. F4i conversion parts

    Unfortunately, it looks like none of the photos are working because of Photobuckets awful new business model. I'd be mighty interested in a fairing conversion if it's complete and the price is right though! Feel free to PM me details, I'm based in the UK though, so shipping might be a nightmare!

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