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  1. whitewings

    F4i conversion parts

    Sorry, you could fit an Austin Mini in the box needed for this stuff to get to you. You will be better off grabbing something over there my friend, cheers.
  2. Hello friends. I feel like I start every thread this way but I bought bike from the first pin in this section and would like to pass on some of the custom pieces to you all if you want to give it a try. Up for grabs is the upper(with screen), home made upper stay, lower, fender, tail with seat, home made subframe, underseat slip on. You can go to the original thread for pics and request current pics to see how it's aged. I would LOVE to see the bodywork and exhaust go to the same owner but I'm happy to piece it out.
  3. whitewings

    I FOUND ONE!!!

    I just got the 2 Bros back from the metal shop. I saved a boat load of hourly labor by soaking the unit in a salt/apple vinnager solution. After that, the majority of the superficial rust rubbed off with a scotch pad and VERY little elbow grease. 15 minutes of media blast and then into the silver and nickel bath. The unit still shows some pitting in some places but the shop found no holes under a pressure test requiring attention. I HIGHLY recommend the stoners at Colorado plating ;) Please disregard the filthy nature of the background in these pics...I have 5 bike projects going on at the same time. Shot of the header Shot of the header with TI ladybird can (custom adapter sleeve WW Resto in Sparks NV). Shot of the header with Leo Vince SBK can (custom adapter sleeve WW Resto in Sparks NV).
  4. This bike now looks COMPLETELY different... in a good way, You'd be proud Marty
  5. Hello all, I'm not very active here but some of you may have linked my username to the individual who now owns the project bike from the following thread... This bike made it's way to the CO mountain region and hardly ridden. Since purchase a few months back, I've stripped the bike of all of the crazy conversion pieces that allowed the F4i parts to be paired with it. No offense to the original builder and his son but there were more than a few things that (as a retired racer) I did not deem fit for the road that needed immediate attention. That being said, I will have the F4i body work and the under-seat exhaust for sale if anyone is interested in it. This is being replaced with 1000rr bodywork, a 07' CBR front end (triples, Brembo brake and cluth masters, CNC Brembo calipers, Brembo floating rotors, stainless lines, Ohlins cartridge internals in stock forks), Penske Shock off an Aprilia RST1000 Futura (seriously guys, this is a near perfect swap), and finally the reason I started this thread...the 2Bro's left exit header I just found sitting in a field in rural MN. I was doing my daily searches in between actual work tasks when an item appeared in eBay Canada. I looked through the description and saw it was being shipped from a small town in MN (actually where my wife was born). Fearing someone else would see this virgin eBay posting I quickly tried to find a way of contacting him directly. I realized this dude had NO IDEA what it was given the starting price and the mislabeling of the ad. He was selling a ton of other random stuff on eBay and I thought I could find him easier if I located one of his other items in the MN craigslist site for his area...BINGO. I now had a number to call and he picked up on the third ring. We agreed to the starting price plus actual shipping ($42 from MN to CO) and research began on how to remove rust/corrosion form the header prior to a proper refinish at a shop by my house. The shop I take my metal parts charges an exorbitant amount for metal prep so I thought I would give a vinegar bath a try (1.80 per gallon x 14 gallons needed to cover the part in a plastic bin). More to come on how it turns out including a video of the process...let me know if you'd like the F4i bodywork, home made sub-frame and under seat exhaust...It's a very nice mid pipe connected to a stubby can that produces a AWESOME some but it's just not for me.
  6. Im buying this bike and looking for Marty or Nicks number to confirm a few things with the current owner.

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