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  1. For sale is my Italian Red 2003 Honda VFR800 Interceptor with ABS. It has 26,989 miles on it. I am the second owner. I bought it in the fall of 2008 with 9,000 miles on it from a friend of a friend. There are tons of upgrades listed below. I am selling it because after having kids I just don't ride it enough any more (both a time and risk concern thing) and after moving to Savannah there just aren't many places that are all that fun for me to ride it (flat and straight everywhere). The front and rear suspension was fully custom rebuilt and upgraded by Jamie Daugherty of Daugherty M
  2. Just as a final follow up, replacing the fuel pump has fixed all issues. The bike is running great again. Thanks everyone for the help.
  3. There was no issue with the fuel pump prior to disassembly and cleaning of the tank. It did sit dry for a few months. Not sure if that seized it up. I will check the internal connections with an ohmmeter before I buy a new one. That’s a prudent idea.
  4. Thanks. That’s what I thought. Any recommendations on an aftermarket brand? I’m not seeing just the OEM fuel pump available and the entire OEM fuel pump assembly is $375 on bike bandit.
  5. Grum, thanks for your reply. I was incorrect about the voltage. I checked again and it was 12-12.5 volts at the fuel pump connection for about 2 seconds when the key is turned. I attached leads direct from the battery straight to the fuel pump and got no priming whir. Any further ideas?
  6. My 03 6th gen had been sitting for several months so I decided to pump and clean out the tank really good. I took the fuel pump assembly and tip over kill switch out and cleaned out the tank really good. Then it sat disassembled for several weeks since I had to order some new rubber internal parts that broke when I took everything apart. I’ve got it all back together and the engine turns over just fine but won’t start. I can’t get the pump to prime (No whirring noise). I get the relay click when I turn the key. I’ve had the wiring harness recall but still checked the left side blu
  7. VFRBulldawg

    BFH 0362

    Sweet! Another featured photo! Thanks HS!
  8. VFRBulldawg

    Random Stuff

    Random Stuff
  9. Good idea. I'm at 23,000 miles so it's almost time to replace the coolant, brake, and clutch fluid. I've thought about heated grips before. Do you have a recommendation on a set that will work with the throttlemeister? A chain oiler and voltmeter would be nice to have but I think I'll put those off for now. The steibel horn sounds like a good idea. I'll look into that. I'm single so I get to spend my expendable income how I want to. Good thing for some recent OT. A very good point. I plan to give her a very thorough cleaning. So many times where I think about washing her I end up t
  10. Ok, I have torn down the suspension on my bike and already shipped off the forks and rear shock parts to Jamie Daugherty for a custom rebuild. Since I've got the bike apart I'm doing lots of mods. See below: Mods completed prior: Corbin Gunfighter seat Throttlemeister Motovation Frame Sliders Givi V35 side cases on standard Givi PLX-166 side racks K&N air filter Lobstenders Mods I will be doing over the next few weeks: Having Jamie Daugherty rebuld the front forks and rear shock Laser X-treme Exhaust Installing a VFRness with a fuse block Speedohealer Kanadien Ken's Fender Elm
  11. VFRBulldawg

    Honda CBR250R in Indonesia

    I spotted my first Honda CBR250R on display inside a mall in Malang, Indonesia.
  12. VFRBulldawg

    Tmac 2011

    Thanks for the compliment. I actually thought my lighting here wasnt very good. Its direct and pretty harsh. The shot was partial luck too. My camera can take up to 8 frames a second. I am pretty sure that for this one I had it machine gun mode and was just firing the shutter as fast as she could go as yall came by. The Cherohala really only has good light on the road in the early morning and later afternoon. I scoped out a good place on NC28 just a few miles before you hit Deals Gap that I plan to use next year. It will have nice, diffused light. I think I will really be able to wow you next
  13. Nope, I've been tracking this thread the whole time.
  14. I sent MOTY and email this morning. Brian Harris got back to me real quick. They are going to send me a replacement battery. I've gotten nothing but good customer service with MOTY in all my dealings with them. Hopefully I just had a dud battery and the problems go away with the new one.
  15. I am having similar problems with my MOTY battery. It started right up when I first installed it. Then the bike had to sit for a while due to knee surgery. On two different occasions where the bike sat for 2-3 weeks without being started the battery was totally dead and I had to jump start it. The first morning at TMAC the battery was too weak to start the motor but there was some power I had to get a push to roll start it. Then last week I was giving short rides to some of my cousins up and down the street. I had been riding fairly slowly 25-35 mph with frequent stops for about 30 minutes whe
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